my last day on Facebook was yesterday, and I am so glad that i made that decision awhile ago and I am so glad that I did it,but before I left I learnt more about myself and on wordpress, i learnt a new way of dealing with others energy,”I am only willing to notice the energy without absorbing it”, and since I’ve been saying that i haven’t picked up on anyone else energy. I even went to wally world earlier in the morning before it got crowded, and just being able to be out all day and not feel anything was my birthday to me,I still got pains on my right shoulder but i have excepted it and move on, and I am doing more energy healing on myself, as often as I can, I am removing my edging God Out..ego,it has been chasing money for way to long I just want to be happy in the skin that I am,and I don’t worry about anything any more,If it’s god will for me to do reading or any healing work then so be it,but for right now I am having fun,learning about what makes me happy,and what puts a smile on my face. Now that i started working with the Higher up Angels,they show up so quickly for me they took pains outta of my body one day last week,when I couldn’t handle the pains for a short period of time,the ice pack didn’t work, but to know all their names all 15 of them and how they work with my chakras,it just blows my mind,each day i get to learn something new. but since i haven’t done any readings I have been having so many prophetic visions that have been coming true, for many folks that share space with me,to the point I have 2-3 visions a night,I used to say or talk about what I wanted to dream about before I went to bed, but now I am just open for what ever comes my way, and they have been in color, I’ve seen numbers,and new folks appear, since my sobriety of 35 + and not counting anymore days, my eyes are so bright all three of them.Well I hope everyone is ready for this Super Moon on Saturday it’s going to effect Pisces,which is not a newsflash for me, and then just as soon as this Venus Retrograde is ova Sept. 6 mercury retrograde begins on Sept. 17 way to much energy flowing around this planet,but when in Rome do as the Romans do,and deal with it. as I am always going to do.I am getting stronger each day I get to spend time in nature.love you all have wonderful VISIONS…..