The Super Moon this Saturday…


the super moon this saturday is going to be off the chain,I can feel the shift taking place within my Universe, my solar plexus has been letting me have it,and not in a good way either,the visions that I have been having are out of this world real, i can recall everyone that i have had so far,the new births that I foresee coming into fruition just blows my mind, the new place that I will travel to takes me there, and all the new faces are they really real. the vision I had last night was like outta of a movie, it started out like this I was about to give a reading to a group of people all walks of life at a restaurant that was all surrounded by glass, and as i began to start to calm down i felt a burst of energy surge through me,and I left my body for a minute, to find out I fell on the ground and couldn’t get up I was in the room by myself and there wasn’t any one around to help me,while I was down there I had a vision that were I was at was going to get rob and I could see the men that were about to hold up everyone,mind you I tried to get help before it took place a threw a plate up against the wall but no one heard it,and then the men walked in the owner said this is a private party and they said they were guest of the party,but they weren’t their intention was to hurt & take what didn’t belong to them,and they had no remorse for life whatsoever,while on the floor I felt an angel touch my being and said don’t move or say a word, so while I was there the folks that I was about to give a reading to were talking about me & my abilities they were calling me a fake,and I heard it all, I told them i needed a minute to get into a deep trans before I can begin, as i was getting deeper into the trans all hell broke loose,they asked me why i didn’t tell them this was going to happen and they blame me for it,but my being said I tried to reach out to y’all but no one came to my aid to help me and I even tried to make noise but they all were so in deep into their conversations and their minds weren’t pure as the water,so I began to feel everything in the room,good bad & nasty drunks and as the cops came they were asking questions about what happen and I told them i for seen it going to happen and then I switched into another vision, so have you figured out that vision cause all of them have a meaning and they are coming to me like a drama / action movie, but all my visions are my real life story just waiting to be manifested,but you can miss me with this one..#IJS


My New best friend, that wont ever talk back to me….


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The Healer needs a Healer…


the healer needs a healer, i am having a hard time releasing these pains once I get rid of them and I am near others that are suffering from the pains i let go of they all come back to me even more deeper and trying to understand why they keep resurfacing is beyond my understanding now, and yes i know how to transmute the negative energy, but I am having to do it every day,and when I miss a day all hell breaks loose, I pray for so many at any given time..I know every selfhealing modalities under the sun, I am trained in ova 5 different Reiki techniques and Jin Shin Jyutsu, Quantum Touch, speaking to all my organs thanking them for keeping me this long at 47, I feel 74 most mornings getting up it’s a task, I am doing so much yoga and learning so many different pose’s but at what price cause the next day the pains are so deep that i don’t want to get outta bed,but the last time I checked the universe isn’t paying my bills my cell phone has been off for 3 moths now,I didn’t have anything to talk about so I kept quite, but the pains are now causing me to use cold packs and they aren’t working so I began having conversations with the Archangels all 15 of them I am having a stronger connection with them to the point I call upon the 2 healers to come by and touch my spirit and help make me feel good ,but not wanting to be around others is more painful for me until i am willing to notice the energy without absorbing it has helped on so many levels,now ,but I am either expanding or I am getting tired of the old way of doing things,at times I feel like I am leaving this world behind and traveling to the higher realms as I once used to do,I love the fact that I can go within and stay there at any time I really would prefer to see less folks, cause they don’t take care of themselves so I gotta take care of me FIRST. the crying is getting ole to us,they don’t last that long these days,and yes I know i am releasing sum negative energy every time i do it.I am in a different space that i don’t recall being in,This is all new to me (my spiritual team)….But I came across a Bio Mat that is going to change my life on so many different levels,it will increase my body temps and begin to heal me with Far-Infrared heat to the bones,Now here is a funny one which pole am I going to get on to pay for this one,it cost $3- $4 g’S.. It will fit my new queen size bed and i can just lay on it and in 15 mins. i can feel like a brand new Man, I may even become a distributor for them cause ever Empath & HSP needs this in their lives,like right NOW.and everyone else that experience’s pains on a deeper you all have wonderful visions…

My last day on Facebook & I had a vision this day was to come real soon..


my last day on Facebook was yesterday, and I am so glad that i made that decision awhile ago and I am so glad that I did it,but before I left I learnt more about myself and on wordpress, i learnt a new way of dealing with others energy,”I am only willing to notice the energy without absorbing it”, and since I’ve been saying that i haven’t picked up on anyone else energy. I even went to wally world earlier in the morning before it got crowded, and just being able to be out all day and not feel anything was my birthday to me,I still got pains on my right shoulder but i have excepted it and move on, and I am doing more energy healing on myself, as often as I can, I am removing my edging God Out..ego,it has been chasing money for way to long I just want to be happy in the skin that I am,and I don’t worry about anything any more,If it’s god will for me to do reading or any healing work then so be it,but for right now I am having fun,learning about what makes me happy,and what puts a smile on my face. Now that i started working with the Higher up Angels,they show up so quickly for me they took pains outta of my body one day last week,when I couldn’t handle the pains for a short period of time,the ice pack didn’t work, but to know all their names all 15 of them and how they work with my chakras,it just blows my mind,each day i get to learn something new. but since i haven’t done any readings I have been having so many prophetic visions that have been coming true, for many folks that share space with me,to the point I have 2-3 visions a night,I used to say or talk about what I wanted to dream about before I went to bed, but now I am just open for what ever comes my way, and they have been in color, I’ve seen numbers,and new folks appear, since my sobriety of 35 + and not counting anymore days, my eyes are so bright all three of them.Well I hope everyone is ready for this Super Moon on Saturday it’s going to effect Pisces,which is not a newsflash for me, and then just as soon as this Venus Retrograde is ova Sept. 6 mercury retrograde begins on Sept. 17 way to much energy flowing around this planet,but when in Rome do as the Romans do,and deal with it. as I am always going to do.I am getting stronger each day I get to spend time in you all have wonderful VISIONS…..

my weight struggles as an Empath taking on the worlds problems


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well today i really feel FABULOUS i got on the scale and it said i was 178 lbs, I was an emotional overeater and depressed about how my journey was unfolding, but i went from 215 lbs. in a few years, and I just stop eating all the wrong foods for my blood type and just didn’t care what i put in my body, i can tell you what i eat every day cause now i eat with a conscious mind and I am more happy today cause i eat fresh fruits & veggies and drink plenty of lemon, lime, ginger root & cinnamon water every day,I never did like soda, I feel free and less belly fat was to keep my protected from all others energy, now i transmute all forms of negative energy throughout the day so it dont keep my energy levels down,I love to learn new ideas on how to maintain my body weight at 6’2. walking, yoga, barefoot walks on my grass, not eat to get full..Only eat the portions that are the size of my fist.. Today is a great day,I hope you all are having a blast

My Life as an Empath just got real…


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namaste beloveds, my life as an empath has just gotten real, I live for my “Rituals” I now wake up at 3 am or 4 am when the veil is thin in Heaven  and my day begins with meditation and praying for the world and all the inhabitants ,I do self healing on myself, i do 30 mins to and hour of yoga various different styles to get my joints loose and free from pains that I have picked up throughout the day & night, meditation with mindfulness breathing to get me centered and calm,then I go for a 30 min walk,still walking slow pace as i meditate on my walk being more aware of my footsteps and hearing all types of birds and nature speaking to my spirit, and by then I have my thoughts 2gether to say my Intentions out loud in nature for how i would like my day to unfold who i would like to meet all types of high vibrational beings with positive energy, and then I sit in the sun for 10 mins. to re clean my aura,do some barefoot walking in my backyard, look for the horses,do some sun gazing to keep my third eye open,and then drink several cups of pure re energized hot water that i have healed for my highest good intentions with love and healing my cells & arteries and veins and still my rituals are taking me to an amazing space.cause after all that is done my day can begin, As my boss says to me every day good morning sunshine (GOD) WHAT OR WHO SHALL i COME IN CONTACT WITH (how may i be of service) ,to be a vessel in their healing process and he guides them to me,once the intentions has been set its his job to do the rest,I speak with the angels,archangels, ancestors, spirit guides, and my tummy( solar plexus) I hope each day to come in contact with at least 5 ppl. (my life path #) and give them the guidance that they seek, get a quick nap eat a healthy green leafy salad and water.. and get ready for my next client to call while giving my readings and doing my healing works in nature,I am more peaceful when I give guidance in nature (gaia) and I have a stronger connection when i am in nature.I keep myself grounded to the earth so transmute negative energy comes easy for me out there.and then my day is over. eat dinner and take a hot shower to wash away any energy that got stuck upon my being and speak to my guides b4 i return back to heaven for the night to come back to earth and do it all again.since I got my right foot in heaven and left foot on the earth,its easy for me to leave  at any given moment.drugs used to some what help me to escape but I no longer need that route of escaping,when i can just call upon an ascending masters to come to my aid now,to be loved and to feel the love is another story,and i feel the love,I’ve been seeing the color green (love`heart) & purple (crown chakra) they are both open and i feel a new love is on the horizon for moi’. I had a vision and they all come true about me dog sitting for a friend ,and the do was clear as day puppy & hairy and i told the dog 2 rules no licking & scratching, and the dog adhered to my rules,that baby was so loving and sweet to me,to the point i was supposed to be having a vision about my new clients on the way and that popped up instead, so now I have a desire to get me 2 babies and I am thinking about their names but my spirit told me to ask them what they want to be named, so I will wait to get them b4 i even try to name them. I’ve been having visions about my new relationship, and I haven’t been in one for over 7 yrs. I took this time to work on me & do me and i have been having fun but I do know what I want in a relationship I require him to be sensitive just like me,lord please dont allow me to attract another narcissistic man again I have learnt from the last relationship, and I wont do that again….I pray that everyone that reads my blog is in perfect health within your mind, body & soul..Have a happy & wonderful Sunday…xoxoxox

Understanding Your Pisces… By…Dr. Victoria Scerbo..Awakening People..


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We now come to the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, the sign of the Fishes. Like all the water sign before, Pisces is a mysterious sign. Whereas Cancer had its tides of emotion and Scorpio its depths of emotion, Pisces has a vastness of emotion. There isn’t a feeling that Pisces doesn’t feel, and it comes through Pisces like a stream of consciousness, with no beginning and no end. It is thought that Jesus was a Pisces and it was he who said, I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. And so within Pisces are all the signs that have come before it.

Being the last sign of the zodiac Pisces has an innate understanding of the temporary nature of life. Pisces is connected to the Great Cosmic Sea, from which all things rise and to where all things return. This makes them quite dreamy, as if they have one foot in this world and one foot in the next.This dreamy quality can be misconstrued as evasiveness. It is often difficult for Pisces to take a stand on anything. In fact to some, they seem quiteunable to make a decision of any kind. The reason they have trouble with decisions is the absolute nature of decisions. It is either this or that, yet Pisceans see everything as one, so decisions for a Pisces are rather silly and seemingly arbitrary.

This can work in a Pisces’ favor, say if they are a poet, or an artist, as they see the world like no one else.

Yet when trying to manage their lives on Planet Earth, it can be quite difficult. Pisces are extraordinarily empathetic and can take on the feelings of everyone around them. They don’t do well in harsh environments, and harsh is a relative term because of their inability to know where they end and another begins. So a harsh word to someone else can drive them to despondency.
Pisces is often associated with drug and alcohol abuse. They use it mostly to escape the pain of being incarnate. To a Pisces who is not aware of their empathetic nature, life can be one huge ball of pain, emotional, mental, or physical. They are often labeled hypochondriacs. Which is not really true. Often they are just trying to figure out why they feel the way they do.

Of all the signs, Pisces is the most tenderhearted. We must keep this in mind when we are interacting with them. Quite often you will find the neighborhood ‘cat lady’ or the man who feeds all the stray dogs are Pisces, as their empathetic nature does not stop at humans.

If we can keep in mind just how gentle this sign is, and have empathy for their empathy, then having a Pisces in your life can be magical. Their imagination is unparalleled and as long as they keep it on a positive note they will create a lot of beauty in the lives of everyone they touch.

Kindness matters with Pisces as it should will all the signs. Pisces is understanding and compassionate, something we can all use. Love your Pisces, don‘t bother pinning them down, leave your sour mood at the door and life with Pisces can be the most amazing fulfilling and spiritually illuminating experience. tHIS IS SO MY LIFE AND 14 DAYS SOBER FROM BOTH DRUGS & ALCOHOL..

At my wits end or bust….


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Namaste Beloveds, I am at my wits end ,at most times i feel good but I believe that I have picked up some of the most nasty energetic beings in my space.I now keep my chakras closed so that I dont have to feel all these emotions all at once and it works for me it may not work for others, but this new space that i am in takes me high and low all in the same breathe .I haven’t posted in awhile cause of these new emotions trying to figure out who they belong to cause they aren’t mines and it seems that only soft R & B music can calm me down to the point I dont care,I dont look at folks anymore cause (focused attention to me) soon as I do then I begin to care about them when in fact all my cares should be on me(my selfishness) and what I need to survive on this plane so much has been going on in the media that i refuse to watch any of it anymore, same shit different days, are we still in slavery days black against white folks, and I know there are sum good white folks but they stay in hiding for fear of being accused of being racist. Did I really incarnated on this plane for this lesson of love cause I love everybody regardless of skin color, I just dont want anyone to suffer for lack of food or a place to lay your head ,the new space just wants me to spend more time in nature & with the animal kingdom cause they will always show me UNCONDITIONAL love regardless what color my skin is. I got a horse rescue ranch in my backyard and i get to see them when they come out and when they do they can feel my energy all the time by shaking their tails and their heads,I love it ,I  always send healing energies to all 3 of them all the time and when they are full of the positive energy they just walk away and never complain that it was to much ,where now i would prefer to work with animals they show more love and concern with just the simple gestures,that always get my attention. I asked that the animal kingdom would reveal themselves more to me and so far they have done just that. Now the plant kingdom has been doing the same I got a jade plant ,which I thought would have died along time ago but I tak to my babies and I give them healing energies as well one day I will post a picture of it but I keep a clear quartz crystal in the plant along with a green stone and it has helped a lot with the new growth of my baby and i cant wait to repot it into a bigger bowl..I did the funniest thing today I changed my vision board around and put it on the ceiling so when I look up it would be the first thing that i would see.since I’ve been seeing the color green & purple in my third eye,I am more aware of all types of feelings that I have I have slowed down on my walking to create a meditation walk at my own pace and I have seen some great results I have been seeing rabbits and random cats in my backyard and different butterflies and dragon files and all types of birds,but the fae was the one that blew my mind,you see when I am in nature I ask to see more animal, Plant, mineral kingdoms to come to me and they show up all the time,when i was smoking so much weed they wouldn’t come around me but I got tired of doing something that wasn’t apart of my true character,and to later find out smoking weed was causing me to not see clearly and be able to read small print,when I am the only one in my family who dont wear glasses and I am going to keep it like that ,so now I got some exercises to keep my focus clear all the time,just relax and blink real fast and it will change my perception of everything that i can see.So now that I am finally sick & tired of smoking and being around others that do it I am 11 days clean and more happy so what I had to get rid of folks that are still about that life cause that’s not what I want for my life,I deserve better, how am I going to be working with the higher realms if I am always hi,not cute at all,since the changed came about I can hear the angels speaking when I walk into different space again. I can see more energy all the time I am more attuned to my awareness and all that i feel flowing through my body.I’ve been getting up at 4 am and start my day with my Yoga, meditation, sun gazing & going for a walk for 30-40 mins a day,now today is day 11 of the change for a better being,I have been not wanting to eat all the time I have been dealing with certain foods just dont get me happy anymore. And I lost so much weight that I got one pair of pants cause all my clothes I have given away,I own 3 dress shirts, 2 hoodies, 1 black shoes 1 brown shoes,3 shorts ,the outfit that I took for my cover pic I gave that away,I weight 179-183 lbs. dont get me wrong I am very happy cause dont nobody need to be carrying all that weight around at age 47 yrs. young, I feel lighter & happier within myself,they say old age spread and I wont be apart of that cycle, while my brothers are getting fat they gonna find out the hard way since they didn’t want to listen to big brother,you can lead the horse to the water but cant make them drink…Mindfulness meditation still works wonders with me I dont care to be around just anybody I get to pick and choose who’s energy I want to be around,I have boundaries HELL NO!!OMG MY STRETCHING HAS GOtTEN FIERCE, I dont have stiff joints.I am in a great groovy are you all doing? I hope everyone’s doing great as well its 414 time to go for now be blessed ..

My remembrance of my past lives.

Namaste Beloved ,my remembrance of my past lives on my home planet came to me one day out of the blue and I was feeling old memories surface within me, this is why I am having a difficult time with paper money,and I burn some before cause on my planet we dont use money everything we desire is given  to us this work thing is becoming increasingly unimportant to me, I can recall just being happy and free and spending all my time in nature that’s where I am the most happiest being .at times I wonder what the meaning of me seeing and having a encounter with the faeries, even though I asked for everybody to reveal themselves to me in the mineral kingdom, animal kingdom, plant kingdom faerie kingdom and all other kingdom i wanted to have a stronger connection with them all and slowly I am, so this explains so much to me about my being..I became a Ordained Minister cause it was placed in my spirit and it just so happens that the church I got my ordination from three (trinity) years ago gave me a Honorary doctorate degree in Metaphysics and yes I have been doing the research and I have been relearning about Cosmology and why we are here and where we come from and I am forever going to be learning since Earth is a learning planet we all came here to learn as much as well can retain all information to take back to our planet, one day as  I was looking in the mirror I saw a face looking back at me and it was an Alien from Pleiades and I wasn’t shocked or sacred I have been open all the time to know I’ve been seeing so much as a Seer my perception changes like the weather my eyes don’t open wide to see this I see into everything and everyone soul’s. Now my past life I am a powerful Woman and the one before that I am Royalty.I do know I didn’t struggle for anything.,I can recall being in Egypt as a Seer who was the epitome of metaphysical teacher and guide for other’s. And here I am on this plane doing somewhat the same..Thank You all for supporting me and showing me much love.

Times have changed…


It’s funny how times have changed, I used to be able to get a job like (snap fingers )and now that I have been out of the matrix I can’t get back in the universe is not allowing me to work anywhere, don’t get me wrong I am a Ordained minister and I have a PhD in Metaphysics.but that only helps me when working with angels and archangels and it doesn’t matter to these companies that I am applying to the first thing they say is I’m ova qualified,okay the last time I checked there isn’t any company that can use my gifts and abilities as much as the universe, I became a minister because of my birthright, I studied metaphysics cause I wanted to know more about the universe and where we all come from. The Universe won’t allow me to be anywhere that’s going to hurt my emotions or my feelings. I went on Craigslist and  every time I go there looking for something I never find it, but I can find my ad I got posted up there,my higher self knows what I want and need to do that is to be a vessel in the healing process and give sound guidance, I do it with ease and grace,it falls off my lips like I’ve been doing it all my problem was I thought I had to go outside of myself when in fact it’s been there the whole time just waiting for me to open my heart up.I get so happy when I give guidance and I always get goose bumps my sign for angels around me and then my spirit takes it even further when I start speaking in strange tongues edifying GOD and the spiritual being that I am speaking to there spirit. When I meet anyone I don’t see the physical I only see love and  that beings soul,you see I asked for that abilities to be awakened to me and my connections are that supernatural and I love all of them now when I start flying look out cause my astral projection was easy for me,I was giving a reading to another being in California and they didn’t believe me when I said that I could be in the same room with them and they wouldn’t even know I was there when I described his room he hung the phone up on me but he called me back.when I began my medium ship,a older lady tried me,by the time I was done with her we all were in tears,she allowed me to hold her late mothers wedding ring, little did she know I saw her mom walk in the building with me and she Gave me a message to pass on to her daughter but I hadn’t been in this position that long to do it so I said did your mom transition from the heart cause I started having heart pains,and then I told her she is always with her trying to show her signs but when you’re not open or ready you want understand.but that was a free reading to build up my confidence and to know that I can hold any object and then tell the story, I won’t ever go into antique shops or touch anything that has historically meaning, when I asked my late family to reveal themselves to me it blew my mind I asked them to show me how they  transition as a Empath we feel see and just know  well they showed me and when I told my mom she couldn’t believe me cause only a few family members knew how my favorite aunt transition but now I was one if them.I  really don’t do funerals I see way to much pain,and  sorrow and sometimes I see angels there.I have a dark side and a lightside and I am not afraid of either one. I had a witch try me worst day of her life,she knew how powerful I am but she tried until I split that turquoise stone in half with two fingers she was pissed that I broke the sister in law she tried it as well, for the life of me i didn’t know that I was causing her to fall down 8 steps, she would  walk down 8steps and then hit the rest of the steps real hard I didn’t know that I knew how to project my energy (push) her like that, she don’t get to close to me.which is perfect with me,but her husband my little brother tried me recently and his outcome well we will say this he had to go to the hospital he broke out with a rash near his underarm.I am the oldest and I don’t have to put up with anyone’s shanegains at all, I tell them please don’t make me upset,or make me repeat my word’s I don’t care for that.when I speak E.F. Hutton here’s me loud and crystal clear….my life is never boring or dull I am having a blast..