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well today i really feel FABULOUS i got on the scale and it said i was 178 lbs, I was an emotional overeater and depressed about how my journey was unfolding, but i went from 215 lbs. in a few years, and I just stop eating all the wrong foods for my blood type and just didn’t care what i put in my body, i can tell you what i eat every day cause now i eat with a conscious mind and I am more happy today cause i eat fresh fruits & veggies and drink plenty of lemon, lime, ginger root & cinnamon water every day,I never did like soda, I feel free and less belly fat was to keep my protected from all others energy, now i transmute all forms of negative energy throughout the day so it dont keep my energy levels down,I love to learn new ideas on how to maintain my body weight at 6’2. walking, yoga, barefoot walks on my grass, not eat to get full..Only eat the portions that are the size of my fist.. Today is a great day,I hope you all are having a blast