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How I perform my readings just came to me while I am eating carrots (sacral, I feel) & corn (solar plexus, I do),We all dont get the information the same way,but we all look out for the symbols and signs,when your wide open your gifts will reveal names & dates ,well mines go in a little harder than that,Mines goes on a deeper level of consciousness,I touch on what is troubling your soul why you aren’t elevating to the space your supposed to be at and I guide you into getting there with ease and less confusion,How I began I call upon the three men in my life The Father Son & The Holy Spirit and then I call upon Archangel Michael for protection cause you never know who is coming through the readings and then I call upon Archangel Raphael for Healing of the problems and then I ask for you spirit guides  & ancestors to connect to my super group and then we go in hard with the reading I allow my gut to give me a feeling and then my Empathic side begins to show me or allow me to just know by your tone & pitch as to what is going on in your world and then we begin from there whatever is the message I will relay all the messages that spirit has for you,not all times do I have a message to share,my guides love to play with others while I give guidance,they tend to come sit next to me or the person that I am giving a reading to their family members come into the room then I get a chills,or a touch on my shoulders,but since I am a seer I can see the energy enter the room I can feel a shift in the room as well,Not one of my readings are the same its always different thats just how spirit works for me.Now at times I do get message when I am outside in the public thats even hard to pass on the message but what I do is pull the person to the side and say I have a message to give to you from a long lost relative and most of the time I will experience how they left this plane I never get names or dates and then the person knows who I am talking about,or I will start to pickup on so many different energies at one time and then I ask that day ole question.”what reason do I have to feel this way and  then I just wait for the message to be given to me or then I may say “I dont have any reason to feel like this” and most of the time I dont get messages unless I am out in the public eyes,cause they tend to give me my space when I am at home I am able to use this blog to express my good days and my not so good day ,I come to the realization this is my avenue for releasing my divine emotions on paper / blog,cause Only them that follow me knows what I am dealing with cause they are living through it as well so I am not alone just lonely for a different kind of touch,music helps me to relive the moments that have passed for me memories that were apart of my being on another plane.I asked the UNIVERSE to allow me to do 3-5 readings a day cause it takes so much from me after a reading I am either hungry or sleepy or I just want to spend most of my time in nature to regroup like tonight I am about to go outside and do some moon gazing and place my crystals outside since I missed the full moon last night but my dreams are out of this world.I try to do something that helps me to snap back,because our dreams are our real reality…Thank you so much to you all that get to read my real thoughts,My Life as a HyperSensitive Empath Medium who can see into higher realities & dimensions as a MultiDimensional BEing having a human experience….I love you all so much…..