I have evolved into a better man for myself and I love the new me I have been thanking the God’s and the Uni-verse for hearing my crys and please and I got out of my head and fell in love with my heart and my gut to know that I have 3 brains and I am using 100% of my intuition these days and I love this new powers of mine’s I don’t have a desire to read only in between the line’s I learn more about anything within a first few line’s of any story and it has changed the way I work on this plane.I blink my eye’s all the time and I am able to change my perception every time.I am attracting more Empath’s & HSP every day I speak an intention and it comes to pass.I will no longer DO readings because it doesn’t serve me or even resonate with my spirit.What my spirit resonates is more HEALING WORK,power to the LIGHTWORKERS with a touch of Metaphysics Teaching I feel like I am in a better space for my change to happen..