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As I begin a new year I have to choose to use my words that are going to uplift others and never tear them down or more less myself in the process,Its hard being me most days as I try not to express how I am feeling not all the time I am feeling Happy but most of the time I am just being me ,on what level must I pretend to be happy all the time when thats not the case,I have more energy flowing around me at so many different times,I have come to believe that it only happens when I am outside of myself thats when the magic some would call it that ,But for me this is my quite & alone time that I get to share with myself and no one else,I have been living in my head way to long,now that I have learnt that I have 3 brains.One in my gut and the other in my heart and last but not least my crown,I have been having more conversations with my gut and the answers that I received are life changing for me thus so far,but I’m not happy being single anymore,I know I got a lot of love energy to give my man that I have no understanding why I am still single the last relationship hurt me but I forgave him and moved on from that and yes I forgave myself for letting him hurt me the way he did,I know I came here to show love & get loved but being lonely wasn’t part of my deal at times I think about getting a small baby dog but I dont want to get that and still feel some kinda way,cause someone 20-25 feet near me is going through the same things and I just picked up on that energy,I want so much more for my life on this plane,I started back walking in nature and doing more yoga and deep breathing and it all has helped me so much more,I will go far off to say this I asked the universe to send me more newbie Empaths my way so that I can help them get a fresh start to being so Sensitive to others,just last night I had a new friend reach out to me after he asked the universe to send him a Medium there I was able to give him answers to all of his questions and then some more The Angels were so near me that during the whole conversation I was speaking in tongues to him and praising my Higher Self for what was taking place,Now mind you I only speak in tongues when I am being entertained by other Angels,that dont happen when I talk to non sensitives,so with that being said I have learnt a new trick not to be so hard on myself just cause things aren’t moving the way that I think they should be,so that is a given I am learning that one for 2015, but I just had an epiphany a minute ago ,if I had everything I wanted would I be happy then ..duh yes I would cause I’ve been without it so long that would make me smile from ear to ear,but my smile has left me and I so want to get my teeth fixed so that I can smile again,there is so much that I need words cant describe it anymore i feel like I have been without for so long like its all my fault like I did something to cause this to happen to me and thats not the case whatsoever its so hard to depend on family when they dont even understand me or what I have to deal with on a regular basic so I have been needing my Spiritual Medium business to take off runing but its hasnt happen yet,cause I still got work to do on myself,I get so much joy being able to help others get the guidance they seek and that’s all I have a desire to do,since I’ve been clean and sober for 66 days now I am so proud of myself and how I am able to stay clean and I made a promise to myself that I would never go back to that life again and I AM NOT.. but at the end of the day,I felt like I had to be clean in order to give sound guidance I have to walk the walk & talk the talk with all my clients,so now that I am here in this new space I am glad to see another year but as I begin to remember who I am and what I came here to do.All this new energy is so different and at times very strange, But I am living in Infinite Abundance just for having a roof over my head and food on my table,having access to a car,my phone bill being paid thats my life just simple but my new found abundance requires me to have my own home so that I can grow my own foods and my own automobile I just want a Land Rover Range Rover 2015 Evoque 2 door silver and a black top, and a ABUNDANCE of clients, and to be able to work 15-20 hours a week and go to my favorite hospitals and donate build a bears to the children in burn center & cancer wards and every day children and spend time with the elderly reading to them and sometimes just sitting with them thats how I would like to spend my days and on the weekend take 48 hrs to visit a new city and experience different foods & entertainment nothing to serious.The space that I am in is more of a humble lifestyle gardening help feed others,helping the Homeless & battered women & kids again.I dont want to forget where I came from or who all has helped me to be the man that I am today,This is a new me cause the ole me was a high fashion label hog and it was all about me,but at the end of the day its not about me ITS ALL ABOUT US..and what we can do to help others achieve success…..