On my home planet we have no need for money and my remembrance I can recall being taken care of I didn’t have a desire to want anything as I have it.. the Law of Attraction doesn’t resonate with me I money is an energy my energy is for greater purpose . I just want to help others balance their energies. on my plan and I’m used to getting everything that I want for free there is no currency on my planet. but while here on earth money is a slave, who has the most? I just want a roof over my head, my own home and automobile and fresh water, fruits and veggies and good like minded people near me.and to have fun in nature and travel healing to whom the universe connects me with and be the  best metaphysical teacher and guide other’s to a better lifestyle, deep breathing, yoga and having the best fun  (child like) playing. That’s how I require my life to unfold with ease and grace. .and so it is…the universe is in perfect order….