I believe I could have been a writer in my past life as much as I love to write or say my words out clearly and correctly writing for me is a high I get to express my true divine thoughts I put them into writing that others get to share their comments and their inspiration and synchronicities we are one mind one body and one spirit traveling on the road on the path on a journey trying to remember who we are what we came here and what’s our purpose. writing for me is a natural high.I am a Pisces I have an imagination beyond  the scope of understanding, I can create characters after characters after characters after characters and never get tired because that’s how my imagination works my creativity flows like the 528 mg Hz. the grass emanates is high flowing energy that heals me every time I walk upon her mother earth Gaia.the moments when you aren’t able to sleep without calling upon archangel Michael to protect me while I slumber. Good Rest beautiful spirits!