I feel brand new and it began yesterday when I took a salt water bath and white sage and mugwort cleansing and I did sum yoga and taking to my chakras asking them did we have any blockages and is the energy flowing right and I hit all yes so as I was at the car dealership today I didn’t put up any shields and I didn’t put a white light protection around me I was ready to feel and be aware of all forms of energy that was flowing around me.I  never was a fearful being of anything or anyone so ehy should I hid behind any shields when I  still get other’s pains and shanegains so I made a conscious decision to walk by faith and not by sight and at the end of the day I allowed my energy to be open and my discerning do it’s job.now I still sage myself and take my salt water bath but I am able to transmuteany negative energy and fearful energy into love positive energy and send it back to the universe. I feel ready to go back into large crowd’s of people since my destiny will be taking me around huge arenas where we am able to help a broad spectrum of folks who has dealt with emotional problems and  really begin my healing process.I feel light in my being.today I didn’t feel like a sensitive who was ready to hide from the world i wanted to be apart of it again.And I look forward to going to mire social affairs again. Now that I am able to read the frequency of any room and anyone.I am healthy I am fit I am famous.I really appreciate my crystal pendulum and all the questions that I asked today and my sensitive friend heard about my questions and she Gave me confirmation to all my questions. Look at the universe love.I let go all my anger towards everyone and myself for not being where I am supposed to be on my journey even though I don’t look my age or even sound my age,that’s what’s going to play for my favor.Peter pan syndrome as I said this when it was six years old I would never age.and my wish came true along with me wearing  188lbs from 215 just a tear ago.I can feel the universe answering all my hearts desires cause I am doing my part.I love to transmute fear into love with the help of all my archangels and angels the sacral sexual energy ain’t no joke.I even went as far to stop watching porn to store up my manifestation energy. I am becoming more the real me each day I spend with myself..I love my energy and breathing other’s energy and transmute all the fear.out of them this gift is way fun.I set my intentions to attract amazing beings with High and low frequencies cause I am not scared of what they can try to do with me..liberated is my new name. ..Namaste