Say this when I start feeling other’s emotions..God Source Spirit…

God please assist me in clearing and releasing all outside energies that are in my body aura and energy field. Please send them back to the person from which they come or send them to the Divine Source to be recycled for the highest good of all.
I am filled with my purest and best energy. I said this prayer while at church today after I gave a few folks a hug and thats when the pains began,  now mind you I wasn’t going to touch anyone but I  slipped up and then trying to figure out who it was wasn’t easy at all but I did my play uncle has had some lower back ache.while I was looking in my phone for a prayer to use this  one came up and I said it three times and then I figured out why not transmute into positive pure energy instead of sending it back to them.thank god there were no devils in there but the lady I was sitting by way in the back of th he church, tried it with me.The comment was street people are the same but when they are on drugs they don’t  have to be to get a healing.we’ll I said the pains be so unbearable to the naked eye, cause I used weed to numb my pains cause I wasn’t grounded, she began to put her purse away from where i was sitting. Really I don’t steal  I came back here to heal the wounded man or woman.and here you go condemning me for my word’s now mind you I went into the church with #Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel cause my knowing was in point. .I am in love with JIN SHIN JYUTSU 26 Safety Energy Locks has changed my life I get to self heal myself all the time.The energy that’s flowing in me is so awesome and all the stagnation that was in my body is moving itself out.I have a strong desire to get certified.The cable positions are superb I went to YouTube and started watching a lot of video’s and I got it down and i would go as far ti say that I have been showing other senesitves how to hold the positions for healing in 5-20 body has been vibrating all day and night long.Namaste