Kelly Price – It’s My Time:
Namaste Happy New Year as I am so hungry for my new clean and free life it’s been 61day’s of being sober and I am so proud of myself,I felt deep down in my spirit this message..It’s my time to shine,and all my desires are coming to pass for me in 2015,I did what my ancestors told me to do and the flood gates are spreading apart for me and my business in ways I want be able too understand I am ready to walk in to my Divine Destiny,while listening to the beat / song.I have grown so much this past year,that it has made me stronger and with tough skin,I now have boundaries like never before I walk with angels,I call upon the ArchAngels any given time,I meditate with the God self so deeply that I am able to losses my breath,and go into deep trance state of being.I am a International Spiritual Medium who is blessed to be here and know who I am and why I am here on this plane.THANK you all so much for BEing with me on my journey,IT is just beginning to soar like my animal spirit guide the HAWK,we are messager who see all…Have a blessed New Year,as the most high has predestined for all your live….