the super moon this saturday is going to be off the chain,I can feel the shift taking place within my Universe, my solar plexus has been letting me have it,and not in a good way either,the visions that I have been having are out of this world real, i can recall everyone that i have had so far,the new births that I foresee coming into fruition just blows my mind, the new place that I will travel to takes me there, and all the new faces are they really real. the vision I had last night was like outta of a movie, it started out like this I was about to give a reading to a group of people all walks of life at a restaurant that was all surrounded by glass, and as i began to start to calm down i felt a burst of energy surge through me,and I left my body for a minute, to find out I fell on the ground and couldn’t get up I was in the room by myself and there wasn’t any one around to help me,while I was down there I had a vision that were I was at was going to get rob and I could see the men that were about to hold up everyone,mind you I tried to get help before it took place a threw a plate up against the wall but no one heard it,and then the men walked in the owner said this is a private party and they said they were guest of the party,but they weren’t their intention was to hurt & take what didn’t belong to them,and they had no remorse for life whatsoever,while on the floor I felt an angel touch my being and said don’t move or say a word, so while I was there the folks that I was about to give a reading to were talking about me & my abilities they were calling me a fake,and I heard it all, I told them i needed a minute to get into a deep trans before I can begin, as i was getting deeper into the trans all hell broke loose,they asked me why i didn’t tell them this was going to happen and they blame me for it,but my being said I tried to reach out to y’all but no one came to my aid to help me and I even tried to make noise but they all were so in deep into their conversations and their minds weren’t pure as the water,so I began to feel everything in the room,good bad & nasty drunks and as the cops came they were asking questions about what happen and I told them i for seen it going to happen and then I switched into another vision, so have you figured out that vision cause all of them have a meaning and they are coming to me like a drama / action movie, but all my visions are my real life story just waiting to be manifested,but you can miss me with this one..#IJS