The Hawkins Family – Be Grateful:

Merry Christmas,I am so grateful for all that I have,I am so grateful that I am so sensitive to the point that where ever I go I always bring my own memory foam pillow and blanket,just for the mere fact that not all beds are clean and safe to lay on and my spirit just guided me to take a shower and wear pj’s so that my skin don’t touch anything,cause I don’t have a black light,but I can see more since being near the salt water I am open to many possibilities,I can feel the energy flowing through me,while watching The Big Bang theory,.I am so grateful for my family and my new over flow of clients,as a International Spiritual Medium I get to know more and feel more.It’s been a long time coming but I made it here to this space of peace and joy.I love myself so much being so sensitive to everything has changed my life around for the better,I am so grateful to be here for this moment and all the moments that I planned for while on this plane.I love you all so much be blessed!!! 6 day’s to go before I am 61 day’s sober I am so proud of my accomplishments as I look back over this year I have done so much to become a better spiritual BEing..