Was it really real


Was it really real I have the experience of a lifetime I went to Senegal Africa with the team of missionaries and route to teach to heal to show them that the healing was in the breath and their hands while on my trip to Senegal Africa I was Reverend Dr. Frederick Keith Bush and I saw the most beautiful black women’s there and while there is was teaching & healing I got lost in the crowd and I was taken to the deepest part of west Africa where the forgotten spirits where and I had a lesson to learn to trust my guidance system and my intuition to get me back to where I needed to be,  I felt so safe with all of my archangels with me and my knowing gave me all the support that I would need. I some how found a church there and was taken in to get my bearings together cause I was given a drink and it left me in a daze but the other reverend help me out as I began to speak in tongues I could feel the liquid flowing out of my body.the people didn’t know who I was all that they knew was that I was healer and that’s what my purpose was to heal the sick and downtrodden.I awoke at 4:58 am.=8..every aspect of my being has a divine purpose. Now as I was making my way back I had to find the ocean so I asked my higher self which way to go and my stomach growls to the right and sure enough I saw a huge body of water I had made it my lesson was to trust my gut.and see more with my third eye more and I am always protected by unseen forces and higher up angels cause I am a baby Angel. Now while on the boat with all types of race’s on there my crew of missionaries where on the boat I just lost my bag ,but it was found as I was about to board the boat and the crew were all ova the boat so when we left the airport the pilot knew not to leave until I made it back since it was my Lear jet that bought us this far.I felt peace when I saw my plane on the tarmac and I was on my way back home.My staff were on the ground waiting for me now mind you I lost my phone but all my contacts were in my phone even the phone number of my pilot’s and who ever found my phone gave my staff a heads up that I was taken and that I was going to be returned after I passed this test of my intuition and knowing.so I was able to do some remote viewing to find my way back. This dream was so real, but I don’t have dreams anymore they become my real life visions and all of my prophecy come true.not one time did I feel threatened I don’t hang out with fear and if it’s my time to go why would I fight just to have to come back and relive it again, not going to happen I’m doing it on my terms..so I will make that trek to Senegal west Africa real soon cause it’s been my lifetime mission to travel the world and teach (metaphysical) and  healing.we all have the gift we just forgot where to rebirth it.its in the breathe  & hands.once a intention has been spoken it has to become real.the food was so beautiful and taste was outta this world.As I  .  Only eat food’s that grows on trees or from the earth.that’s part of not getting disease from the meats we all have eaten.I went to the motherland and I can’t wait to get back.for a visit. As I am a Cree Indian from Canada but throughout my blood line we all come from all ova the planet.I had to get up and tell this story cause I didn’t want to forget any of it.Now mind you I travel in my sleep  all of the times, but I usually set an intention on where I want to go, but this time this was a true lesson about how my intuition and knowing works in far lands.And not one time  did I become my feelings and cry in public I saved that for my plane ride home. I woke up not startled I had all of my faculties with me.that was so real until I lost my phone but did I cause that’s what saved the plane from learning me.My name has clout it’s a household name to remember and that’s another intention that’s been placed into the universe along time ago.well back to dream /reality world. The colors were bright and now I am hungry…5:55am.the synchronicity at it’s best divine timing. I want to go back type to sleep and reality dream sum more cause I dream in bright bold colors.Have a wonderful magical moments, I luv you all so deeply. .when I dream I do it big…

I feel brand new. .


I feel brand new and it began yesterday when I took a salt water bath and white sage and mugwort cleansing and I did sum yoga and taking to my chakras asking them did we have any blockages and is the energy flowing right and I hit all yes so as I was at the car dealership today I didn’t put up any shields and I didn’t put a white light protection around me I was ready to feel and be aware of all forms of energy that was flowing around me.I  never was a fearful being of anything or anyone so ehy should I hid behind any shields when I  still get other’s pains and shanegains so I made a conscious decision to walk by faith and not by sight and at the end of the day I allowed my energy to be open and my discerning do it’s job.now I still sage myself and take my salt water bath but I am able to transmuteany negative energy and fearful energy into love positive energy and send it back to the universe. I feel ready to go back into large crowd’s of people since my destiny will be taking me around huge arenas where we am able to help a broad spectrum of folks who has dealt with emotional problems and  really begin my healing process.I feel light in my being.today I didn’t feel like a sensitive who was ready to hide from the world i wanted to be apart of it again.And I look forward to going to mire social affairs again. Now that I am able to read the frequency of any room and anyone.I am healthy I am fit I am famous.I really appreciate my crystal pendulum and all the questions that I asked today and my sensitive friend heard about my questions and she Gave me confirmation to all my questions. Look at the universe love.I let go all my anger towards everyone and myself for not being where I am supposed to be on my journey even though I don’t look my age or even sound my age,that’s what’s going to play for my favor.Peter pan syndrome as I said this when it was six years old I would never age.and my wish came true along with me wearing  188lbs from 215 just a tear ago.I can feel the universe answering all my hearts desires cause I am doing my part.I love to transmute fear into love with the help of all my archangels and angels the sacral sexual energy ain’t no joke.I even went as far to stop watching porn to store up my manifestation energy. I am becoming more the real me each day I spend with myself..I love my energy and breathing other’s energy and transmute all the fear.out of them this gift is way fun.I set my intentions to attract amazing beings with High and low frequencies cause I am not scared of what they can try to do with me..liberated is my new name. ..Namaste

Word’s have power’s

Say this when I start feeling other’s emotions..God Source Spirit…

God please assist me in clearing and releasing all outside energies that are in my body aura and energy field. Please send them back to the person from which they come or send them to the Divine Source to be recycled for the highest good of all.
I am filled with my purest and best energy. I said this prayer while at church today after I gave a few folks a hug and thats when the pains began,  now mind you I wasn’t going to touch anyone but I  slipped up and then trying to figure out who it was wasn’t easy at all but I did my play uncle has had some lower back ache.while I was looking in my phone for a prayer to use this  one came up and I said it three times and then I figured out why not transmute into positive pure energy instead of sending it back to them.thank god there were no devils in there but the lady I was sitting by way in the back of th he church, tried it with me.The comment was street people are the same but when they are on drugs they don’t  have to be to get a healing.we’ll I said the pains be so unbearable to the naked eye, cause I used weed to numb my pains cause I wasn’t grounded, she began to put her purse away from where i was sitting. Really I don’t steal  I came back here to heal the wounded man or woman.and here you go condemning me for my word’s now mind you I went into the church with #Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel cause my knowing was in point. .I am in love with JIN SHIN JYUTSU 26 Safety Energy Locks has changed my life I get to self heal myself all the time.The energy that’s flowing in me is so awesome and all the stagnation that was in my body is moving itself out.I have a strong desire to get certified.The cable positions are superb I went to YouTube and started watching a lot of video’s and I got it down and i would go as far ti say that I have been showing other senesitves how to hold the positions for healing in 5-20 mins.my body has been vibrating all day and night long.Namaste

The moments when my consciousness was shifted.


Okay it was like no other I had the opportunity to be in the presence of Connie Nash she offered a telephone webinar that changed my life that day I will be so grateful humbly for the work that took place on that phone call I had a connection with my being it was a divine connection to the point I felt energy flowing through my body from my fingers to my toes the energy this pulsating to the point my body was shaking I began to cry tears of joy I’m surrendering the resistance that was holding me back from being the divine being that I was sent here to be . I made a recording of the session just to have in my possession to be able to listen to at any given time to go back and change and kill the kill monster the kill monsters the pain that I had that was in my body that was causing me pain and discomfort. But now as I go back and listen to the recording from time to time and go into a quiet meditative state I am able to feel energy more so because there has been a shift of my consciousness and things have been coming full circle for me.I am back on track with my journey of self-awareness I was just recently reconnected with a misplaced love and the sky’s the unlimited consciousness of the space I am in love joy happiness peace surrender let go of resistance and my pain monsters are gone.I am so humble to work with another empowered empath like Connie Nash…I love her so much cause she is real and hshe had problems like every one else.on the call that took place last week I was in tears.I so love to cry just so I get to release all that’s in my being outta my spirit.i  hope this note reaches everyone on a deep level of consciousness. .Happy Mothers Day to all the mommies in the planet I love you all for your UNCONDITIONAL LOVE  for your children.and Happy Mothers Day to all the women that don’t have natural birth children and for loving other’s children as your own..



Namaste,  This reading is so talking about me and half of what I have been through and how I’ve always wanted to live an  Unlimited life as long as I can recall. I have been waiting for love to be on the same harmonic frequency as moi’.And my healing business has been on my mind real hard.I’ve been working on my heart chakra and releasing all that don’t serve me or my highest good. I have a heart I would wear on my sleeve just cause I am so sensitive. But the old me is being removed for the upgraded version to re-emerge better than ever without any attachments or cords.Since I’ve reconnected with the Angels And they show up so quickly now I can feel there precious energy faster than before. You see I knew that I was a fallen Angel and I have some very powerful abilities i just didn’t know what they we’re I have healing in my Eye’s all 3 of them, healing in my voice, I have a way that I talk to your soul and form a connection, there is also healing in hands to the point they begin to shake and vibrate at the same time, and that’s when I want to do a lot of healing work on other’s I’ve been learning so many different healing modilaties to co-create with my list of services. The universe has been so good too me that every time I get to learn anything it don’t take me that long to master it palm reading, tarot cards, i- ching, numerology,horse whisper, animal communicator.It just goes  to show knowledge is power and I got a lot of it.Who knew after I got my PhD I would still be in a class learning more stuff ,cause what you don’t know is that this planet is The learning planet, we  come here to master all that we  can in this lifetime to take back to our planets to teach others what we learn here on Earth.Now I know my true origin and I’m proud to say that I am a alien on this planet on my way to my real home planet,  Since we all choose these bodies and experiences we got to finish the game out.It’s not a race..Just have fun laugher great energy joy peace  & most of all LOVE..I love you all so deeply and if we can relocate our Soul Group /Family closer that would be a blast. ..Empowered Empath on the move! !!

Watch “I Am Love(Original Version): Jennifer Holliday” on YouTube

I Am Love(Original Version): Jennifer Holliday: http://youtu.be/0ouXhOEiiuw

All the while I’ve been searching for love when it’s been inside of me the whole time, the inner beings know what they want and don’t need better than anyone else can try to achieve. I got my love back and we are about to get turnt up to the highest power. I got millions of #angels hangout with me all the time all i got to do is invoked ask & feel there precious touch near me ,as they have been touching me all my life.I am glad & thankful to have WordPress back on my phone.you see when your a being like myself you need a way to express yourself with all the #amazing #creativity flowing through my words & actions.it’s my pleasure to share my thoughts with the world cause it’s not just for me it’s for the #COLLECTIVE #ONENESS. ..I am loved by billions. ..

The life of Energy Being


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Well First off I would like to take a moment of silence…..Now I have been off the internet for about a month now but I took leave of absent of all social media sites,Just to take this time for me and to have a better clear understanding as to why my life ain’t going where its supposed to be going time wasn’t moving so I had to relearn how to mediteat and stop holding myself responsibility for why its not working for me,I so want to meditate just to have clear clarity and to BE STILL, has always been my passion but here lately it wasn’t connecting until i heard a still voice say dont be so hard on yourself keith nobody is a master mediator the first time,so when I allow myself to relax in my stuff thats when my mind began to get quite and i just would breathe so deeply that i could get lost in my breathe.I am able to hold my breathe longer than i ever thought could be possible but once my spiritual heart chakra began to open up again I asked my heart all the right questions that I wanted to know so in turn my stomach would growl when the answer was given to me or I will feel expanded within myself ,well back when I had more time for me I would talk to all my organs and ask is there anything I could do differently to be more align with my spirit. I began to just talk out loud to the God Source, Universe, ArchAngels & angels fairies magical kingdom, I was calling in everyone to come to my aid.Cause I wanted to know what was happening to me,why was i not doing what i loved to do anymore,why did the phone stop ringing, I had to do some soul searching within when I got the time to hear back from the universe,this is what I got from the message your evolving into oneness, and I dont have to take on anyones energy anymore,for the mere fact I am spilting stones in half hemimate stones are breaking in my hands.my energy fields are so spacious. I can still see my aura but it still is White with a touch of gold.I have been working on my chakras heavenly spinning asking them to open & close having a stronger connection with my angels & spirit guide that resides just above my head, and to know that I got angels all around me when I do my healing work on myself or for others that just really blew my mind. how now I am speaking up to the angels and telling them what i need from them and yes all i know is love intentions..It has to be a reason why I have not taking a call,but the funny thing about it is i am having more fun in nature, My family just moved into a Ranch style home so.Well now that I am back in control of my emotions and who stuff belongs to who & who is hurting in their heart chakra to assist in removing it from their existance..I get to see 3 horse from my backyard and I just saw them wag the tails & heads and my spiritual brother just told me they are aware that I am here next to them,my heart just melted cause the love that i have for them makes me just hop the fence to where they live and just love on them,one day real soon I will be touching on them and brushing their mane,I can feel there energy.And I have been seeing more white orbs.out here..

“My supply comes from the Universe”


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When I began my journey I was looking for my clients they are the channels ,the universe supplys all my clients to me,when a clients call out to the Universe and ask for help,I am there to answer the call all the time,so I set my Intentions upon connecting to all that need my guidance & teaching the Universe hears my call and And I set my intentions to re-connect to other Empaths & HSP & Sensitives and they are revealed to me each day i will come in contact with them all I meet them every day,What are you setting your Intentions on not the clients or the business but the Universe. The Universe always gives me what I want and need all the time.When I give a reading I loose energy when I am not grounded,but now that I am that, I am..I am grounded I have the power over how my energy is to be given,with love & respect..If you dont want it, dont say it.

Watch “Grateful – Hezekiah Walker” on YouTube

Grateful – Hezekiah Walker: http://youtu.be/yE0W-kQyz6A

Beautiful Spiritual Beings, I failed to be more Grateful for all that I am and all that I have been blessed to be and I really couldn’t figure out why things just wasn’t flowing to me the way it used to be after watching the law of attraction, Knowing all the principles and the one that I was blinded by was for me to the GRATEFUL,I have been walking around with blinders on for way to long, but this song and my spiritual brother brought it back to my remembrance and I have noticed a chance already. I was on a conference call last week for 2 1/2 hrs, and my spirit asked a question to the speakers heart what is this call about and I felt and heard “INTENTIONS”, but that wasn’t all of it so the call was timed to start a 2p.m. and it got started at 3p.m.after the introduction took place.Mind you I have been on Instagram for about two weeks and every morning before I would get out of bed I would begin doing my rituals and the first one was to Set my intentions for the day & how I wanted it to unfold,sure enough everything that I asked for was given to me,so to test the waters I asked to ‘re-connect to my spiritual family and so far I am and still connecting to them all ova the planet,now the second thing I set my intentions on was to be able to see clearly,for my eye’s we’re squinting to read and to see, now mind you I tried on sum reading glasses with different strengths but they would hurt more so the UNIVERSE sent me a link on how I should blink my eye’s more cause they can and will dry out now mind you I set an intentions for all 3 of my eye’s to see into other’s souls and know what’s going on with them so they don’t have tell me. Well my vision is better I don’t need glasses and my third eyes can read anyone’s soul at any time. Now I met a young spirit on #IG and in conversation I said to him that he has a twin brother when I look in his eyes I could see his twin looking back at me, we have never talked before but my knowing was on point. Now back to the conference call I was already setting my intentions,so what I wasn’t doing was being “Grateful”, and humble about my abilities,so as the call went on they showed me how to set a clear conscious intentions that gets responses quickly and with no down time it just happens so now they say to look in the mirror when I set them so that I can see my emotions, we’ll I am a Emotional Empath I can say it with love right in my bed way before I even hit the floor, I am setting an intention right now and I am so grateful grateful grateful grateful grateful grateful grateful to be who I am, and so many DOORS are opening up for me all I can do is laugh at myself all way to the bank..Now before I was a left brain thinker analytical and that didn’t get me far, just stuck..I am so grateful grateful grateful grateful grateful grateful grateful grateful grateful grateful..THAT’S my new lease on this life I even set an intention to get a phone to be able to talk to my NEW clients and students. I got it the next day……WHAT ARE YOU SETTING YOUR INTENTIONS ON??.