I am a human being and not a human doing,that was placed on my spirit, we all chosen to come here for the experience as spiritual beings having a human experience and we knew what and why we’re going to be experiencing while we’re here,but I wish I had a manual so that i could follow. Omg ok take lije 96♡ degrees out there the air quality isn’t the best but I still get my sun and  moon gazing on,I love to walk barefooted outside on the grass and concrete the healing energies that flow through my feet and the creativity that flows is off the chain.where I l uhh ‘ve they can have horse’s and cow’s and I can hear the rooster getting his/her noise on I see cocks walking around the air out here is different from where I used to live at I ‘ll ice right to the interstate highway and my meditation was not working for me at all ova there i wish I knew about mindfulness meditation back then I would have been less hard on myself as I am here.I can hear so much out here ,At times I miss being in the city of Atlanta just a different energy when I am there I really don’t want to come back home, could it be that I am a city boy and nit a country Nan.don’t get me wrong I love where I lay my head I got a huge backyard to do so much on,in the townhouse it didn’t have nearly this much  space. I could one day see myself living in a home like this three bedrooms with a bonus room ova the garage but real hardwood heated floors throughout the whole house,two car garage and I would love to have a salt water pool and a garden and a zen meditation garden my lufe is complete.ooh yeah i do have someone I am dating now the funny thing about that is i lost my phat rose quartz and my baby rose quartz and I have been looking for my lovely stone’s and then the man appeared.ok he lives in New Orleans as a graduate of 2016 from Xavier university in management business and he isn’t anything like i would date I feel like GOD is testing me he is 5’4 to my 6’2,I’m just going to see how this unfolds.I’ve never been to New Orleans and I would enjoy a different scenery as I know my empathic abilities would be off the chain down there,I have a older Play sensitive brother on his way to live their in his partner’s  family left him a Victorian house and he offered me a room as we have a strong knowing and we both are ordained minister’s from the same church.the history of new Orleans blows my mind and my right hip has been hurting for some time and my symbol for that is i am ready to live somewhere else I just don’t know where, I will let GOD guide me.Namaste

At a stand still


Namaste Beloved I am so at a stand still I feel so many emotions all at once,I feel like going to school for cosmetology  or mindfulness based stress reduction and then I say to myself are these my feelings or emotions or someone else cause at one point in my journey I did want to learn how to do hair when I was younger I had a blast doing it. .it came so easy to show my creative side,I could do any woman’s hair,they say I have growing hands,they say I could best a mug,they even called me I’m so Fierce there wasn’t nothing that I couldn’t do,but back then I had my hands on many projects and I was superb as a colorist I could mix colors with ease and grace. Then I got bored with it I learnt reflexology for the feet hands ears and face,I really had to rethink that one do I really want to touch folks like that, not right now.so then I found out the name of this feeling I had they call it being a Empath, now mind you I had a space in my home where I would have Usui Reiki Master and teacher sessions with all walks of life clients human and animal’s. So this time around I was giving readings from France to Africa and I was the best at it,I spoke with so many different types of folks and I would do remote viewing on sum of my clients and now I am at a stand still I’ve worked with Wolfgang Puck,and I gave up my chance to be a Culinary Chef,just to work with one of my mentors and his restaurant didn’t make it but it looked good on paper for me for a minute since then I did banquet serving with Homeland security at the Federal reserve bank and museum.now you would think that I can be cleared to work there that I can pass any background check easily, but her I am done surrender my power’s to a higher being which we call GOD/Universe and I asked for forgiveness and now I feel the desires to help other’s, but I really don’t desire to be around just anybody I feel the desires to be outside in nature and I give my best readings in nature.I’ve lost so much weight that I gave all but two pairs of jeans one dress shirt three pairs of shorts four pairs of shoes that’s my wardrobe I went from removing Sugar and whute salt from my being to I eat fresh fruits veggies and I  make my own alkaline water.mindfulness stress reduction has removed so much anxiousness and anger and anxiety from my being that I don’t get upset anymore. Which is better for me i  went from a 42 waist to 34 and that was on my vision board now I gave surpassed and ideal weight to 180 lbs.I can see my waist don’t have any extra weight dragging me down I got more energy than before I just feel more energy flowing through my being.I even go to bed early and wakeup early, apart of the changes and I even talk with the archangels and higher realms,now the weed intake has changed a lot I only would smoke to give me a healthy appetite and the best rest my bidy could handle. I even cut out drinking alcohol for a healthy liver,as well as I detoxify my organs from time and time again.Now I wait for God to give me my next mission /lesson.I am waiting I am waiting on God,maybe I’ll go get a job back in the  matrix and I saw how that didn’t work at all, I don’t use my pendulum anymore I work with no tools just my knowing and spirit and I miss working with the angels I am so loved and supported and I know this what GOD  has for me it is for me.where will I go next what will GOD have me to do?I am well rested I am mire healthy in my being my mindfulness based stress reduction meditation has prepared me for a less stressful journey..In the past it just came, now let the weight game begin no extra bills unless you count my credit cards and phone bill,that’s all I have. Lord knows I can’t even use my belt it wraps around me almost twice 42 versus 34 there is a huge difference I haven’t been this small since jigh school almost  23yrs. Dont get me wrong I love this new and improved me this has been a dream of mine’s for so long and I am so proud of myself I even tried to help other’s get with the healthy plane but they weren’t ready (Jennifer Hudson..I am changing,for the first time in my life I I love myself even more )you see I’ve never had a six pack and nor do I desire to have one,you  see all Empaths have gut knowing and all of our Universe is in our solar plexus archangel Uriel resides there so I’ve been talking to all my organs we have a clear channel for communication..my bidy tells me what it wants to eat and sleep.I am so aware of all my  emotions..Thanks for being with me on this journey as a Empath it’s always a learning process good bad and ugly I am  even letting my hair/antenna grow it’s so thick and soft like wool nine ether,it helps my crown chakra get more clarity and knowledge. Have a wonderful beautiful night /day wherever you are on this planet. .I love you all so much and shout out to all my new followers and following. .peace

Are these my feelings.

Are these my feelings that I am experiencing right now at this moment. I woke up feeling great and happy and excited for the day not knowing what was going to unfold but we are here for each and every moment to be experienced with divine love. as the day began and my thoughts became clear I received clarity not far but always near what I felt my feelings coming to the surface as I close my practice there was no more enjoyment there was no more fun, while on my spiritual journey I found out some new things about myself I love helping others I love encouraging others I love motivating others I love helping others reach the highest potential. but for me being an empath having the ability to perceive each and every being on the planet two trees the animals can become very overwhelming. to the point where as I lay here and my thoughts Rumble in my head all trying to jump out silence begins to spread my desires have changed..I’m not the same person I was yesterday I’m a new man  a different man, I’m not lazy I’m just fine I’ve done everything far as work under the Sun there isn’t unless God knows something I don’t which he does  but when you’ve done it all what else is there to do so right now I’m just being me. and being me my days are what they are long short tiresome excitement. I’ve mastered so many things I’ve conquered so many trends now I’m in the space where title don’t mean a thing I thought that when I reach the highest level that I still want more I do but that PhD and metaphysis brought me to where I am today learning about cosmology why we here, whats our purpose…my feelings coming to the surface as I close my practice there was no more enjoyment and now I just want to be in the moments, I want to play all day,I  want to spend time in nature,I want to help expand consciousness,gardening has become a new treat I got my seeds I got three avocados,growing as we speak.I feel within my being that I want to work with animals as I have a horse rescue ranch as my neighbor, I can see the horse’s and they can feel my energy, I love to extend both hands towards them,and they feel the intentions and the energy to the point they will walk away when they got enough.I am a nature being who just wants to be outside all the time.this is new to me as I surrender to God I feel all types of emotions coming to the surface.I can’t do this alone..One mind one body one spirit. God whatever my next lesson, mission, experience that you have for me I AM READY FOR IT…..living in limbo

Let go and release


I believe I could have been a writer in my past life as much as I love to write or say my words out clearly and correctly writing for me is a high I get to express my true divine thoughts I put them into writing that others get to share their comments and their inspiration and synchronicities we are one mind one body and one spirit traveling on the road on the path on a journey trying to remember who we are what we came here and what’s our purpose. writing for me is a natural high.I am a Pisces I have an imagination beyond  the scope of understanding, I can create characters after characters after characters after characters and never get tired because that’s how my imagination works my creativity flows like the 528 mg Hz. the grass emanates is high flowing energy that heals me every time I walk upon her mother earth Gaia.the moments when you aren’t able to sleep without calling upon archangel Michael to protect me while I slumber. Good Rest beautiful spirits!

My home planet

On my home planet we have no need for money and my remembrance I can recall being taken care of I didn’t have a desire to want anything as I have it.. the Law of Attraction doesn’t resonate with me I money is an energy my energy is for greater purpose . I just want to help others balance their energies. on my plan and I’m used to getting everything that I want for free there is no currency on my planet. but while here on earth money is a slave, who has the most? I just want a roof over my head, my own home and automobile and fresh water, fruits and veggies and good like minded people near me.and to have fun in nature and travel healing to whom the universe connects me with and be the  best metaphysical teacher and guide other’s to a better lifestyle, deep breathing, yoga and having the best fun  (child like) playing. That’s how I require my life to unfold with ease and grace. .and so it is…the universe is in perfect order….

Always on the go..


I am so used to being on the go coming from New York City we always fast and moving quick now I’m learning how to slow down and enjoy the scenery but all I’ve known is to move fast how does one slow down when they’re constantly moving fast I’ve always been a mover and a shaker now as I get older I learn to appreciate the scenery the flowers the trees how the wind blow how people interact with each other I’ve always been taught  if you’re not moving you’re dead this new paradigm is not like any other you have to be careful of the words that you say and the feelings that get in the way feelings are very important thoughts create reality what you focus on brings more to you so what am i focusing on today. me and my image and my feelings and my most I thought I wasn’t supposed to be this way I thought I was being conceited or even arrogant but that’s not the case I’m being more authentic.

Empath vs non empath


Now I  know that I have chosen to be here as a Empath healer to help transmute all forms of negative fear based energy into pure positive love energy and i get that but did I also choose to have to struggle along the way.I have mastered why i am here and I have relearn so much more about myself and other’s energy and how they vibrate on various  frequencies.Now I have been asking and waiting on the universe to answer my calls.I know that I am being supported by the angels-archangel -Ascending masters and my spiritual team.but why do I feel lonely and never alone.but at the same time my phone is getting shut off more times than I can understand. But I came here to help balance the world but my phone bill needs to get paid.and I got people calling me for free readings. Before I got a call I knew it was the other person on the line that was having right shoulder pains,and she still tried to think she was going to get a free readings.Not going to happen, so now I carry your drama and you want a free reading on what planet do they do that on.I am so over done with the law of attraction when day in and day out all I feel is other’s problems, so how am I too know when the loa is working for me 90% of what I  feel belongs to someone else and I only feel 10% of my emotions i get to experience,after I have grounded myself and done my clearing rituals.Now when does my business takes off.limbo and other’s can’t understand why we self-medicated ourselves cause all that we carry we get the short end of the stick.I am unable to be around just anybody I am overstimulated in all areas of my being. I have been out in large crowd’s and protected myself. When do I get to live a life thats not helping anyone clear negative energy when all that got to do is listen to every word I speak is the truth.the loa doesn’t pertain to empaths-HSP-healers.cause we work fulltime with the higher ups.please feel free to leave your comments. Me having sum me time venting about shit that really happens when the universe won’t allow you to work and you have to figure out where your next meal-phone bill money is coming from. .

Faeries came by



Last night I heard a death crys and I have never heard dogs howling and crying at the same time.and after that moment passed I was calling to the magical kingdom to reveal themselves to me and they did.this is the image that I saw coming so close to my face in the darkness of the full moon down here in Lawrenceville Ga.it was pitch black outside that all was seen was me and the faerie our lights were so bright.I so wanted to capture a picture just to show I am n poo to crazy but at the end of the day it doesn’t even matter what anyone believes.cause I was there and shortly after I got a call for a reading.now mind you the c as ‘ll came from California at midnight and add the reading was getting started I began to feel her emotions so strongly that she slipped up and told me she was in a car accident that day.She was in pain ssh I I began to call upon archangel Raphael to healing get bidy and th he next things tg h as the came out of my mouth w as d she didn’t cause the accident. And I wasn’t on point.so I began to tell her I am nit God I am not perfect now mind you my phone was going through some extraordinary noise was coming through my phone to the point.that I love to give my readings in nature when I have the most fun.and while I was outside I felt more energy coming my way through the new client to the point I asked her how long was the right side of her throat had been  hurting and the phone went silent.She thought that I wasn’t going to find out what happened but spirit always shows me the movie and  My knowing just knows.as I told her something’s to take and feel better she began to read me last night was a test of my faith.when you don’t do what you are created to do you begin to feel lost and helpless towards other’s so I transmutedthe negative fear based energy into pure divine love and I sleep like a brand new baby.I love the facts that my voice and my word’s carry a lot of healing and power’s.I got two ad’s on craigslistin  Atlanta Ga and  New York City.so every one can locate me send the call to the universe and the universe will begin to send me the message that needs to be sent.in the past I’ve had random people reaches out to me even when I didn’t have an ad.up most tomes wrong numbers become new clients, cause when other sensitive /spirits hear my angelic voice they feel the divine energy flowing to them with ease and  Grace.I love to LOVE other spirits.that’s the empath in me…

I didn’t know. ..

I didn’t know that at any given time a man or woman can become addicted to anything that they give energy to as I have for most my life I was addicted to all forms of pornographic and one day while having sex i had a moment of clarity and I began to feel more dirty about myself. As I was having an outer body experience and what I saw I wasn’t happy about it any longer that’s when I knew change had to come even real quick like for me i ended that relationship and since then I have no desire to  watch it again. I began to start transmutting my sacral sexual energy into more power’s for me in manifestation and so far it is working like a charm. I have more energy I have more time to get to know myself better and what I want and don’t want in my life experience as a baby Angel, I call upon the universe and angels help me quickly.I have mastered using my clear quartz pendulum. I am able to transmute negative energy which is fear based into pure positive divine energy.all I ever wanted was to help everybody and once I gave up something I gain even more powers …I thought my life would be this perfect reality but as I grow I expand my divine consciousness and i am more aware of everyone’s frequency to know to whom I am in company with and how to heal that wounded spirit, cause I was there before and with help we can vibrate on higher frequencies no-one has to vibrate on low frequencies anymore unless that’s what they want,  but why would anyone want that for there lives..when POWER is all around us just waiting for us to just ask,seek & knock…well for me on my spiritual journey I am asking every chance I get to allow me to experience all that my heart’s desire needs on this plane or paradigm ..have a wonderful day or magical moments. ..Thank you to all my followers and  to all that I follow, I love you all please be safe this memorial day weekend, as me and my family celebration of being in Georgia for 25+ yrs.and I am ready for a change of scenery, my next home the weather will be hot all year long.angels I am asking to experience my life in Hawaii with my clients and  students all over the planet giving guidance and healing.Thank You all.peace