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namaste beloveds, my life as an empath has just gotten real, I live for my “Rituals” I now wake up at 3 am or 4 am when the veil is thin in Heaven  and my day begins with meditation and praying for the world and all the inhabitants ,I do self healing on myself, i do 30 mins to and hour of yoga various different styles to get my joints loose and free from pains that I have picked up throughout the day & night, meditation with mindfulness breathing to get me centered and calm,then I go for a 30 min walk,still walking slow pace as i meditate on my walk being more aware of my footsteps and hearing all types of birds and nature speaking to my spirit, and by then I have my thoughts 2gether to say my Intentions out loud in nature for how i would like my day to unfold who i would like to meet all types of high vibrational beings with positive energy, and then I sit in the sun for 10 mins. to re clean my aura,do some barefoot walking in my backyard, look for the horses,do some sun gazing to keep my third eye open,and then drink several cups of pure re energized hot water that i have healed for my highest good intentions with love and healing my cells & arteries and veins and still my rituals are taking me to an amazing space.cause after all that is done my day can begin, As my boss says to me every day good morning sunshine (GOD) WHAT OR WHO SHALL i COME IN CONTACT WITH (how may i be of service) ,to be a vessel in their healing process and he guides them to me,once the intentions has been set its his job to do the rest,I speak with the angels,archangels, ancestors, spirit guides, and my tummy( solar plexus) I hope each day to come in contact with at least 5 ppl. (my life path #) and give them the guidance that they seek, get a quick nap eat a healthy green leafy salad and water.. and get ready for my next client to call while giving my readings and doing my healing works in nature,I am more peaceful when I give guidance in nature (gaia) and I have a stronger connection when i am in nature.I keep myself grounded to the earth so transmute negative energy comes easy for me out there.and then my day is over. eat dinner and take a hot shower to wash away any energy that got stuck upon my being and speak to my guides b4 i return back to heaven for the night to come back to earth and do it all again.since I got my right foot in heaven and left foot on the earth,its easy for me to leave  at any given moment.drugs used to some what help me to escape but I no longer need that route of escaping,when i can just call upon an ascending masters to come to my aid now,to be loved and to feel the love is another story,and i feel the love,I’ve been seeing the color green (love`heart) & purple (crown chakra) they are both open and i feel a new love is on the horizon for moi’. I had a vision and they all come true about me dog sitting for a friend ,and the do was clear as day puppy & hairy and i told the dog 2 rules no licking & scratching, and the dog adhered to my rules,that baby was so loving and sweet to me,to the point i was supposed to be having a vision about my new clients on the way and that popped up instead, so now I have a desire to get me 2 babies and I am thinking about their names but my spirit told me to ask them what they want to be named, so I will wait to get them b4 i even try to name them. I’ve been having visions about my new relationship, and I haven’t been in one for over 7 yrs. I took this time to work on me & do me and i have been having fun but I do know what I want in a relationship I require him to be sensitive just like me,lord please dont allow me to attract another narcissistic man again I have learnt from the last relationship, and I wont do that again….I pray that everyone that reads my blog is in perfect health within your mind, body & soul..Have a happy & wonderful Sunday…xoxoxox