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Namaste Beloveds, I am at my wits end ,at most times i feel good but I believe that I have picked up some of the most nasty energetic beings in my space.I now keep my chakras closed so that I dont have to feel all these emotions all at once and it works for me it may not work for others, but this new space that i am in takes me high and low all in the same breathe .I haven’t posted in awhile cause of these new emotions trying to figure out who they belong to cause they aren’t mines and it seems that only soft R & B music can calm me down to the point I dont care,I dont look at folks anymore cause (focused attention to me) soon as I do then I begin to care about them when in fact all my cares should be on me(my selfishness) and what I need to survive on this plane so much has been going on in the media that i refuse to watch any of it anymore, same shit different days, are we still in slavery days black against white folks, and I know there are sum good white folks but they stay in hiding for fear of being accused of being racist. Did I really incarnated on this plane for this lesson of love cause I love everybody regardless of skin color, I just dont want anyone to suffer for lack of food or a place to lay your head ,the new space just wants me to spend more time in nature & with the animal kingdom cause they will always show me UNCONDITIONAL love regardless what color my skin is. I got a horse rescue ranch in my backyard and i get to see them when they come out and when they do they can feel my energy all the time by shaking their tails and their heads,I love it ,I  always send healing energies to all 3 of them all the time and when they are full of the positive energy they just walk away and never complain that it was to much ,where now i would prefer to work with animals they show more love and concern with just the simple gestures,that always get my attention. I asked that the animal kingdom would reveal themselves more to me and so far they have done just that. Now the plant kingdom has been doing the same I got a jade plant ,which I thought would have died along time ago but I tak to my babies and I give them healing energies as well one day I will post a picture of it but I keep a clear quartz crystal in the plant along with a green stone and it has helped a lot with the new growth of my baby and i cant wait to repot it into a bigger bowl..I did the funniest thing today I changed my vision board around and put it on the ceiling so when I look up it would be the first thing that i would see.since I’ve been seeing the color green & purple in my third eye,I am more aware of all types of feelings that I have I have slowed down on my walking to create a meditation walk at my own pace and I have seen some great results I have been seeing rabbits and random cats in my backyard and different butterflies and dragon files and all types of birds,but the fae was the one that blew my mind,you see when I am in nature I ask to see more animal, Plant, mineral kingdoms to come to me and they show up all the time,when i was smoking so much weed they wouldn’t come around me but I got tired of doing something that wasn’t apart of my true character,and to later find out smoking weed was causing me to not see clearly and be able to read small print,when I am the only one in my family who dont wear glasses and I am going to keep it like that ,so now I got some exercises to keep my focus clear all the time,just relax and blink real fast and it will change my perception of everything that i can see.So now that I am finally sick & tired of smoking and being around others that do it I am 11 days clean and more happy so what I had to get rid of folks that are still about that life cause that’s not what I want for my life,I deserve better, how am I going to be working with the higher realms if I am always hi,not cute at all,since the changed came about I can hear the angels speaking when I walk into different space again. I can see more energy all the time I am more attuned to my awareness and all that i feel flowing through my body.I’ve been getting up at 4 am and start my day with my Yoga, meditation, sun gazing & going for a walk for 30-40 mins a day,now today is day 11 of the change for a better being,I have been not wanting to eat all the time I have been dealing with certain foods just dont get me happy anymore. And I lost so much weight that I got one pair of pants cause all my clothes I have given away,I own 3 dress shirts, 2 hoodies, 1 black shoes 1 brown shoes,3 shorts ,the outfit that I took for my cover pic I gave that away,I weight 179-183 lbs. dont get me wrong I am very happy cause dont nobody need to be carrying all that weight around at age 47 yrs. young, I feel lighter & happier within myself,they say old age spread and I wont be apart of that cycle, while my brothers are getting fat they gonna find out the hard way since they didn’t want to listen to big brother,you can lead the horse to the water but cant make them drink…Mindfulness meditation still works wonders with me I dont care to be around just anybody I get to pick and choose who’s energy I want to be around,I have boundaries HELL NO!!OMG MY STRETCHING HAS GOtTEN FIERCE, I dont have stiff joints.I am in a great groovy space..how are you all doing? I hope everyone’s doing great as well its 414 time to go for now be blessed ..