Namaste Beloved ,my remembrance of my past lives on my home planet came to me one day out of the blue and I was feeling old memories surface within me, this is why I am having a difficult time with paper money,and I burn some before cause on my planet we dont use money everything we desire is given  to us this work thing is becoming increasingly unimportant to me, I can recall just being happy and free and spending all my time in nature that’s where I am the most happiest being .at times I wonder what the meaning of me seeing and having a encounter with the faeries, even though I asked for everybody to reveal themselves to me in the mineral kingdom, animal kingdom, plant kingdom faerie kingdom and all other kingdom i wanted to have a stronger connection with them all and slowly I am, so this explains so much to me about my being..I became a Ordained Minister cause it was placed in my spirit and it just so happens that the church I got my ordination from three (trinity) years ago gave me a Honorary doctorate degree in Metaphysics and yes I have been doing the research and I have been relearning about Cosmology and why we are here and where we come from and I am forever going to be learning since Earth is a learning planet we all came here to learn as much as well can retain all information to take back to our planet, one day as  I was looking in the mirror I saw a face looking back at me and it was an Alien from Pleiades and I wasn’t shocked or sacred I have been open all the time to know I’ve been seeing so much as a Seer my perception changes like the weather my eyes don’t open wide to see this I see into everything and everyone soul’s. Now my past life I am a powerful Woman and the one before that I am Royalty.I do know I didn’t struggle for anything.,I can recall being in Egypt as a Seer who was the epitome of metaphysical teacher and guide for other’s. And here I am on this plane doing somewhat the same..Thank You all for supporting me and showing me much love.