It’s funny how times have changed, I used to be able to get a job like (snap fingers )and now that I have been out of the matrix I can’t get back in the universe is not allowing me to work anywhere, don’t get me wrong I am a Ordained minister and I have a PhD in Metaphysics.but that only helps me when working with angels and archangels and it doesn’t matter to these companies that I am applying to the first thing they say is I’m ova qualified,okay the last time I checked there isn’t any company that can use my gifts and abilities as much as the universe, I became a minister because of my birthright, I studied metaphysics cause I wanted to know more about the universe and where we all come from. The Universe won’t allow me to be anywhere that’s going to hurt my emotions or my feelings. I went on Craigslist and  every time I go there looking for something I never find it, but I can find my ad I got posted up there,my higher self knows what I want and need to do that is to be a vessel in the healing process and give sound guidance, I do it with ease and grace,it falls off my lips like I’ve been doing it all my life.my problem was I thought I had to go outside of myself when in fact it’s been there the whole time just waiting for me to open my heart up.I get so happy when I give guidance and I always get goose bumps my sign for angels around me and then my spirit takes it even further when I start speaking in strange tongues edifying GOD and the spiritual being that I am speaking to there spirit. When I meet anyone I don’t see the physical I only see love and  that beings soul,you see I asked for that abilities to be awakened to me and my connections are that supernatural and I love all of them now when I start flying look out cause my astral projection was easy for me,I was giving a reading to another being in California and they didn’t believe me when I said that I could be in the same room with them and they wouldn’t even know I was there when I described his room he hung the phone up on me but he called me back.when I began my medium ship,a older lady tried me,by the time I was done with her we all were in tears,she allowed me to hold her late mothers wedding ring, little did she know I saw her mom walk in the building with me and she Gave me a message to pass on to her daughter but I hadn’t been in this position that long to do it so I said did your mom transition from the heart cause I started having heart pains,and then I told her she is always with her trying to show her signs but when you’re not open or ready you want understand.but that was a free reading to build up my confidence and to know that I can hold any object and then tell the story, I won’t ever go into antique shops or touch anything that has historically meaning, when I asked my late family to reveal themselves to me it blew my mind I asked them to show me how they  transition as a Empath we feel see and just know  well they showed me and when I told my mom she couldn’t believe me cause only a few family members knew how my favorite aunt transition but now I was one if them.I  really don’t do funerals I see way to much pain,and  sorrow and sometimes I see angels there.I have a dark side and a lightside and I am not afraid of either one. I had a witch try me worst day of her life,she knew how powerful I am but she tried until I split that turquoise stone in half with two fingers she was pissed that I broke the curse.my sister in law she tried it as well, for the life of me i didn’t know that I was causing her to fall down 8 steps, she would  walk down 8steps and then hit the rest of the steps real hard I didn’t know that I knew how to project my energy (push) her like that, she don’t get to close to me.which is perfect with me,but her husband my little brother tried me recently and his outcome well we will say this he had to go to the hospital he broke out with a rash near his underarm.I am the oldest and I don’t have to put up with anyone’s shanegains at all, I tell them please don’t make me upset,or make me repeat my word’s I don’t care for that.when I speak E.F. Hutton here’s me loud and crystal clear….my life is never boring or dull I am having a blast..