I am a human being and not a human doing,that was placed on my spirit, we all chosen to come here for the experience as spiritual beings having a human experience and we knew what and why we’re going to be experiencing while we’re here,but I wish I had a manual so that i could follow. Omg ok take lije 96♡ degrees out there the air quality isn’t the best but I still get my sun and  moon gazing on,I love to walk barefooted outside on the grass and concrete the healing energies that flow through my feet and the creativity that flows is off the chain.where I l uhh ‘ve they can have horse’s and cow’s and I can hear the rooster getting his/her noise on I see cocks walking around the air out here is different from where I used to live at I ‘ll ice right to the interstate highway and my meditation was not working for me at all ova there i wish I knew about mindfulness meditation back then I would have been less hard on myself as I am here.I can hear so much out here ,At times I miss being in the city of Atlanta just a different energy when I am there I really don’t want to come back home, could it be that I am a city boy and nit a country Nan.don’t get me wrong I love where I lay my head I got a huge backyard to do so much on,in the townhouse it didn’t have nearly this much  space. I could one day see myself living in a home like this three bedrooms with a bonus room ova the garage but real hardwood heated floors throughout the whole house,two car garage and I would love to have a salt water pool and a garden and a zen meditation garden my lufe is complete.ooh yeah i do have someone I am dating now the funny thing about that is i lost my phat rose quartz and my baby rose quartz and I have been looking for my lovely stone’s and then the man appeared.ok he lives in New Orleans as a graduate of 2016 from Xavier university in management business and he isn’t anything like i would date I feel like GOD is testing me he is 5’4 to my 6’2,I’m just going to see how this unfolds.I’ve never been to New Orleans and I would enjoy a different scenery as I know my empathic abilities would be off the chain down there,I have a older Play sensitive brother on his way to live their in his partner’s  family left him a Victorian house and he offered me a room as we have a strong knowing and we both are ordained minister’s from the same church.the history of new Orleans blows my mind and my right hip has been hurting for some time and my symbol for that is i am ready to live somewhere else I just don’t know where, I will let GOD guide me.Namaste