Namaste Beloved I am so at a stand still I feel so many emotions all at once,I feel like going to school for cosmetology  or mindfulness based stress reduction and then I say to myself are these my feelings or emotions or someone else cause at one point in my journey I did want to learn how to do hair when I was younger I had a blast doing it. .it came so easy to show my creative side,I could do any woman’s hair,they say I have growing hands,they say I could best a mug,they even called me I’m so Fierce there wasn’t nothing that I couldn’t do,but back then I had my hands on many projects and I was superb as a colorist I could mix colors with ease and grace. Then I got bored with it I learnt reflexology for the feet hands ears and face,I really had to rethink that one do I really want to touch folks like that, not right now.so then I found out the name of this feeling I had they call it being a Empath, now mind you I had a space in my home where I would have Usui Reiki Master and teacher sessions with all walks of life clients human and animal’s. So this time around I was giving readings from France to Africa and I was the best at it,I spoke with so many different types of folks and I would do remote viewing on sum of my clients and now I am at a stand still I’ve worked with Wolfgang Puck,and I gave up my chance to be a Culinary Chef,just to work with one of my mentors and his restaurant didn’t make it but it looked good on paper for me for a minute since then I did banquet serving with Homeland security at the Federal reserve bank and museum.now you would think that I can be cleared to work there that I can pass any background check easily, but her I am done surrender my power’s to a higher being which we call GOD/Universe and I asked for forgiveness and now I feel the desires to help other’s, but I really don’t desire to be around just anybody I feel the desires to be outside in nature and I give my best readings in nature.I’ve lost so much weight that I gave all but two pairs of jeans one dress shirt three pairs of shorts four pairs of shoes that’s my wardrobe I went from removing Sugar and whute salt from my being to I eat fresh fruits veggies and I  make my own alkaline water.mindfulness stress reduction has removed so much anxiousness and anger and anxiety from my being that I don’t get upset anymore. Which is better for me i  went from a 42 waist to 34 and that was on my vision board now I gave surpassed and ideal weight to 180 lbs.I can see my waist don’t have any extra weight dragging me down I got more energy than before I just feel more energy flowing through my being.I even go to bed early and wakeup early, apart of the changes and I even talk with the archangels and higher realms,now the weed intake has changed a lot I only would smoke to give me a healthy appetite and the best rest my bidy could handle. I even cut out drinking alcohol for a healthy liver,as well as I detoxify my organs from time and time again.Now I wait for God to give me my next mission /lesson.I am waiting I am waiting on God,maybe I’ll go get a job back in the  matrix and I saw how that didn’t work at all, I don’t use my pendulum anymore I work with no tools just my knowing and spirit and I miss working with the angels I am so loved and supported and I know this what GOD  has for me it is for me.where will I go next what will GOD have me to do?I am well rested I am mire healthy in my being my mindfulness based stress reduction meditation has prepared me for a less stressful journey..In the past it just came, now let the weight game begin no extra bills unless you count my credit cards and phone bill,that’s all I have. Lord knows I can’t even use my belt it wraps around me almost twice 42 versus 34 there is a huge difference I haven’t been this small since jigh school almost  23yrs. Dont get me wrong I love this new and improved me this has been a dream of mine’s for so long and I am so proud of myself I even tried to help other’s get with the healthy plane but they weren’t ready (Jennifer Hudson..I am changing,for the first time in my life I I love myself even more )you see I’ve never had a six pack and nor do I desire to have one,you  see all Empaths have gut knowing and all of our Universe is in our solar plexus archangel Uriel resides there so I’ve been talking to all my organs we have a clear channel for communication..my bidy tells me what it wants to eat and sleep.I am so aware of all my  emotions..Thanks for being with me on this journey as a Empath it’s always a learning process good bad and ugly I am  even letting my hair/antenna grow it’s so thick and soft like wool nine ether,it helps my crown chakra get more clarity and knowledge. Have a wonderful beautiful night /day wherever you are on this planet. .I love you all so much and shout out to all my new followers and following. .peace