Are these my feelings that I am experiencing right now at this moment. I woke up feeling great and happy and excited for the day not knowing what was going to unfold but we are here for each and every moment to be experienced with divine love. as the day began and my thoughts became clear I received clarity not far but always near what I felt my feelings coming to the surface as I close my practice there was no more enjoyment there was no more fun, while on my spiritual journey I found out some new things about myself I love helping others I love encouraging others I love motivating others I love helping others reach the highest potential. but for me being an empath having the ability to perceive each and every being on the planet two trees the animals can become very overwhelming. to the point where as I lay here and my thoughts Rumble in my head all trying to jump out silence begins to spread my desires have changed..I’m not the same person I was yesterday I’m a new man  a different man, I’m not lazy I’m just fine I’ve done everything far as work under the Sun there isn’t unless God knows something I don’t which he does  but when you’ve done it all what else is there to do so right now I’m just being me. and being me my days are what they are long short tiresome excitement. I’ve mastered so many things I’ve conquered so many trends now I’m in the space where title don’t mean a thing I thought that when I reach the highest level that I still want more I do but that PhD and metaphysis brought me to where I am today learning about cosmology why we here, whats our purpose…my feelings coming to the surface as I close my practice there was no more enjoyment and now I just want to be in the moments, I want to play all day,I  want to spend time in nature,I want to help expand consciousness,gardening has become a new treat I got my seeds I got three avocados,growing as we speak.I feel within my being that I want to work with animals as I have a horse rescue ranch as my neighbor, I can see the horse’s and they can feel my energy, I love to extend both hands towards them,and they feel the intentions and the energy to the point they will walk away when they got enough.I am a nature being who just wants to be outside all the time.this is new to me as I surrender to God I feel all types of emotions coming to the surface.I can’t do this alone..One mind one body one spirit. God whatever my next lesson, mission, experience that you have for me I AM READY FOR IT… in limbo