Now I  know that I have chosen to be here as a Empath healer to help transmute all forms of negative fear based energy into pure positive love energy and i get that but did I also choose to have to struggle along the way.I have mastered why i am here and I have relearn so much more about myself and other’s energy and how they vibrate on various  frequencies.Now I have been asking and waiting on the universe to answer my calls.I know that I am being supported by the angels-archangel -Ascending masters and my spiritual team.but why do I feel lonely and never alone.but at the same time my phone is getting shut off more times than I can understand. But I came here to help balance the world but my phone bill needs to get paid.and I got people calling me for free readings. Before I got a call I knew it was the other person on the line that was having right shoulder pains,and she still tried to think she was going to get a free readings.Not going to happen, so now I carry your drama and you want a free reading on what planet do they do that on.I am so over done with the law of attraction when day in and day out all I feel is other’s problems, so how am I too know when the loa is working for me 90% of what I  feel belongs to someone else and I only feel 10% of my emotions i get to experience,after I have grounded myself and done my clearing rituals.Now when does my business takes off.limbo and other’s can’t understand why we self-medicated ourselves cause all that we carry we get the short end of the stick.I am unable to be around just anybody I am overstimulated in all areas of my being. I have been out in large crowd’s and protected myself. When do I get to live a life thats not helping anyone clear negative energy when all that got to do is listen to every word I speak is the truth.the loa doesn’t pertain to empaths-HSP-healers.cause we work fulltime with the higher ups.please feel free to leave your comments. Me having sum me time venting about shit that really happens when the universe won’t allow you to work and you have to figure out where your next meal-phone bill money is coming from. .