Last night I heard a death crys and I have never heard dogs howling and crying at the same time.and after that moment passed I was calling to the magical kingdom to reveal themselves to me and they did.this is the image that I saw coming so close to my face in the darkness of the full moon down here in Lawrenceville Ga.it was pitch black outside that all was seen was me and the faerie our lights were so bright.I so wanted to capture a picture just to show I am n poo to crazy but at the end of the day it doesn’t even matter what anyone believes.cause I was there and shortly after I got a call for a reading.now mind you the c as ‘ll came from California at midnight and add the reading was getting started I began to feel her emotions so strongly that she slipped up and told me she was in a car accident that day.She was in pain ssh I I began to call upon archangel Raphael to healing get bidy and th he next things tg h as the came out of my mouth w as d she didn’t cause the accident. And I wasn’t on point.so I began to tell her I am nit God I am not perfect now mind you my phone was going through some extraordinary noise was coming through my phone to the point.that I love to give my readings in nature when I have the most fun.and while I was outside I felt more energy coming my way through the new client to the point I asked her how long was the right side of her throat had been  hurting and the phone went silent.She thought that I wasn’t going to find out what happened but spirit always shows me the movie and  My knowing just knows.as I told her something’s to take and feel better she began to read me last night was a test of my faith.when you don’t do what you are created to do you begin to feel lost and helpless towards other’s so I transmutedthe negative fear based energy into pure divine love and I sleep like a brand new baby.I love the facts that my voice and my word’s carry a lot of healing and power’s.I got two ad’s on craigslistin  Atlanta Ga and  New York City.so every one can locate me send the call to the universe and the universe will begin to send me the message that needs to be sent.in the past I’ve had random people reaches out to me even when I didn’t have an ad.up most tomes wrong numbers become new clients, cause when other sensitive /spirits hear my angelic voice they feel the divine energy flowing to them with ease and  Grace.I love to LOVE other spirits.that’s the empath in me…