I didn’t know that at any given time a man or woman can become addicted to anything that they give energy to as I have for most my life I was addicted to all forms of pornographic and one day while having sex i had a moment of clarity and I began to feel more dirty about myself. As I was having an outer body experience and what I saw I wasn’t happy about it any longer that’s when I knew change had to come even real quick like for me i ended that relationship and since then I have no desire to  watch it again. I began to start transmutting my sacral sexual energy into more power’s for me in manifestation and so far it is working like a charm. I have more energy I have more time to get to know myself better and what I want and don’t want in my life experience as a baby Angel, I call upon the universe and angels help me quickly.I have mastered using my clear quartz pendulum. I am able to transmute negative energy which is fear based into pure positive divine energy.all I ever wanted was to help everybody and once I gave up something I gain even more powers …I thought my life would be this perfect reality but as I grow I expand my divine consciousness and i am more aware of everyone’s frequency to know to whom I am in company with and how to heal that wounded spirit, cause I was there before and with help we can vibrate on higher frequencies no-one has to vibrate on low frequencies anymore unless that’s what they want,  but why would anyone want that for there lives..when POWER is all around us just waiting for us to just ask,seek & knock…well for me on my spiritual journey I am asking every chance I get to allow me to experience all that my heart’s desire needs on this plane or paradigm ..have a wonderful day or magical moments. ..Thank you to all my followers and  to all that I follow, I love you all please be safe this memorial day weekend, as me and my family celebration of being in Georgia for 25+ yrs.and I am ready for a change of scenery, my next home the weather will be hot all year long.angels I am asking to experience my life in Hawaii with my clients and  students all over the planet giving guidance and healing.Thank You all.peace