Okay it was like no other I had the opportunity to be in the presence of Connie Nash she offered a telephone webinar that changed my life that day I will be so grateful humbly for the work that took place on that phone call I had a connection with my being it was a divine connection to the point I felt energy flowing through my body from my fingers to my toes the energy this pulsating to the point my body was shaking I began to cry tears of joy I’m surrendering the resistance that was holding me back from being the divine being that I was sent here to be . I made a recording of the session just to have in my possession to be able to listen to at any given time to go back and change and kill the kill monster the kill monsters the pain that I had that was in my body that was causing me pain and discomfort. But now as I go back and listen to the recording from time to time and go into a quiet meditative state I am able to feel energy more so because there has been a shift of my consciousness and things have been coming full circle for me.I am back on track with my journey of self-awareness I was just recently reconnected with a misplaced love and the sky’s the unlimited consciousness of the space I am in love joy happiness peace surrender let go of resistance and my pain monsters are gone.I am so humble to work with another empowered empath like Connie Nash…I love her so much cause she is real and hshe had problems like every one else.on the call that took place last week I was in tears.I so love to cry just so I get to release all that’s in my being outta my spirit.i  hope this note reaches everyone on a deep level of consciousness. .Happy Mothers Day to all the mommies in the planet I love you all for your UNCONDITIONAL LOVE  for your children.and Happy Mothers Day to all the women that don’t have natural birth children and for loving other’s children as your own..