Namaste,  This reading is so talking about me and half of what I have been through and how I’ve always wanted to live an  Unlimited life as long as I can recall. I have been waiting for love to be on the same harmonic frequency as moi’.And my healing business has been on my mind real hard.I’ve been working on my heart chakra and releasing all that don’t serve me or my highest good. I have a heart I would wear on my sleeve just cause I am so sensitive. But the old me is being removed for the upgraded version to re-emerge better than ever without any attachments or cords.Since I’ve reconnected with the Angels And they show up so quickly now I can feel there precious energy faster than before. You see I knew that I was a fallen Angel and I have some very powerful abilities i just didn’t know what they we’re I have healing in my Eye’s all 3 of them, healing in my voice, I have a way that I talk to your soul and form a connection, there is also healing in hands to the point they begin to shake and vibrate at the same time, and that’s when I want to do a lot of healing work on other’s I’ve been learning so many different healing modilaties to co-create with my list of services. The universe has been so good too me that every time I get to learn anything it don’t take me that long to master it palm reading, tarot cards, i- ching, numerology,horse whisper, animal communicator.It just goes  to show knowledge is power and I got a lot of it.Who knew after I got my PhD I would still be in a class learning more stuff ,cause what you don’t know is that this planet is The learning planet, we  come here to master all that we  can in this lifetime to take back to our planets to teach others what we learn here on Earth.Now I know my true origin and I’m proud to say that I am a alien on this planet on my way to my real home planet,  Since we all choose these bodies and experiences we got to finish the game out.It’s not a race..Just have fun laugher great energy joy peace  & most of all LOVE..I love you all so deeply and if we can relocate our Soul Group /Family closer that would be a blast. ..Empowered Empath on the move! !!