I Am Love(Original Version): Jennifer Holliday: http://youtu.be/0ouXhOEiiuw

All the while I’ve been searching for love when it’s been inside of me the whole time, the inner beings know what they want and don’t need better than anyone else can try to achieve. I got my love back and we are about to get turnt up to the highest power. I got millions of #angels hangout with me all the time all i got to do is invoked ask & feel there precious touch near me ,as they have been touching me all my life.I am glad & thankful to have WordPress back on my phone.you see when your a being like myself you need a way to express yourself with all the #amazing #creativity flowing through my words & actions.it’s my pleasure to share my thoughts with the world cause it’s not just for me it’s for the #COLLECTIVE #ONENESS. ..I am loved by billions. ..