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Well First off I would like to take a moment of silence…..Now I have been off the internet for about a month now but I took leave of absent of all social media sites,Just to take this time for me and to have a better clear understanding as to why my life ain’t going where its supposed to be going time wasn’t moving so I had to relearn how to mediteat and stop holding myself responsibility for why its not working for me,I so want to meditate just to have clear clarity and to BE STILL, has always been my passion but here lately it wasn’t connecting until i heard a still voice say dont be so hard on yourself keith nobody is a master mediator the first time,so when I allow myself to relax in my stuff thats when my mind began to get quite and i just would breathe so deeply that i could get lost in my breathe.I am able to hold my breathe longer than i ever thought could be possible but once my spiritual heart chakra began to open up again I asked my heart all the right questions that I wanted to know so in turn my stomach would growl when the answer was given to me or I will feel expanded within myself ,well back when I had more time for me I would talk to all my organs and ask is there anything I could do differently to be more align with my spirit. I began to just talk out loud to the God Source, Universe, ArchAngels & angels fairies magical kingdom, I was calling in everyone to come to my aid.Cause I wanted to know what was happening to me,why was i not doing what i loved to do anymore,why did the phone stop ringing, I had to do some soul searching within when I got the time to hear back from the universe,this is what I got from the message your evolving into oneness, and I dont have to take on anyones energy anymore,for the mere fact I am spilting stones in half hemimate stones are breaking in my hands.my energy fields are so spacious. I can still see my aura but it still is White with a touch of gold.I have been working on my chakras heavenly spinning asking them to open & close having a stronger connection with my angels & spirit guide that resides just above my head, and to know that I got angels all around me when I do my healing work on myself or for others that just really blew my mind. how now I am speaking up to the angels and telling them what i need from them and yes all i know is love intentions..It has to be a reason why I have not taking a call,but the funny thing about it is i am having more fun in nature, My family just moved into a Ranch style home so.Well now that I am back in control of my emotions and who stuff belongs to who & who is hurting in their heart chakra to assist in removing it from their existance..I get to see 3 horse from my backyard and I just saw them wag the tails & heads and my spiritual brother just told me they are aware that I am here next to them,my heart just melted cause the love that i have for them makes me just hop the fence to where they live and just love on them,one day real soon I will be touching on them and brushing their mane,I can feel there energy.And I have been seeing more white orbs.out here..