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When I began my journey I was looking for my clients they are the channels ,the universe supplys all my clients to me,when a clients call out to the Universe and ask for help,I am there to answer the call all the time,so I set my Intentions upon connecting to all that need my guidance & teaching the Universe hears my call and And I set my intentions to re-connect to other Empaths & HSP & Sensitives and they are revealed to me each day i will come in contact with them all I meet them every day,What are you setting your Intentions on not the clients or the business but the Universe. The Universe always gives me what I want and need all the time.When I give a reading I loose energy when I am not grounded,but now that I am that, I am..I am grounded I have the power over how my energy is to be given,with love & respect..If you dont want it, dont say it.