Grateful – Hezekiah Walker:

Beautiful Spiritual Beings, I failed to be more Grateful for all that I am and all that I have been blessed to be and I really couldn’t figure out why things just wasn’t flowing to me the way it used to be after watching the law of attraction, Knowing all the principles and the one that I was blinded by was for me to the GRATEFUL,I have been walking around with blinders on for way to long, but this song and my spiritual brother brought it back to my remembrance and I have noticed a chance already. I was on a conference call last week for 2 1/2 hrs, and my spirit asked a question to the speakers heart what is this call about and I felt and heard “INTENTIONS”, but that wasn’t all of it so the call was timed to start a 2p.m. and it got started at 3p.m.after the introduction took place.Mind you I have been on Instagram for about two weeks and every morning before I would get out of bed I would begin doing my rituals and the first one was to Set my intentions for the day & how I wanted it to unfold,sure enough everything that I asked for was given to me,so to test the waters I asked to ‘re-connect to my spiritual family and so far I am and still connecting to them all ova the planet,now the second thing I set my intentions on was to be able to see clearly,for my eye’s we’re squinting to read and to see, now mind you I tried on sum reading glasses with different strengths but they would hurt more so the UNIVERSE sent me a link on how I should blink my eye’s more cause they can and will dry out now mind you I set an intentions for all 3 of my eye’s to see into other’s souls and know what’s going on with them so they don’t have tell me. Well my vision is better I don’t need glasses and my third eyes can read anyone’s soul at any time. Now I met a young spirit on #IG and in conversation I said to him that he has a twin brother when I look in his eyes I could see his twin looking back at me, we have never talked before but my knowing was on point. Now back to the conference call I was already setting my intentions,so what I wasn’t doing was being “Grateful”, and humble about my abilities,so as the call went on they showed me how to set a clear conscious intentions that gets responses quickly and with no down time it just happens so now they say to look in the mirror when I set them so that I can see my emotions, we’ll I am a Emotional Empath I can say it with love right in my bed way before I even hit the floor, I am setting an intention right now and I am so grateful grateful grateful grateful grateful grateful grateful to be who I am, and so many DOORS are opening up for me all I can do is laugh at myself all way to the bank..Now before I was a left brain thinker analytical and that didn’t get me far, just stuck..I am so grateful grateful grateful grateful grateful grateful grateful grateful grateful grateful..THAT’S my new lease on this life I even set an intention to get a phone to be able to talk to my NEW clients and students. I got it the next day……WHAT ARE YOU SETTING YOUR INTENTIONS ON??.