Omg my first trip to wallyworld = Wal-Mart.was a new experience for me I was able to shop there without any negative energy flowing around me and I wasn’t even shields up and no white bubble to block any negative energy that attached themselves on me.I felt like a new person.when in the past I wouldn’t last a minute,but now I just breathe out all negative energy and take in love energy and I feel so refresh.I came across an ole soul that helped me get even closer to my Divine self and I meditate for a long period of time now for just saying this “I want to know this_____…fill in the blanks with whatever you want to know,and be meek & humble when asking that question to your 3rd eye. And I have been speaking to all 3 brain’s and the feelings have changed the way I live,I have more peace,the stupid thing’s that most folks do or say to me,don’t get under my skin if it don’t serve me I don’t have time to be wasting my energy on anybody.So now I’m not just anybody,I came here to do a job and no one is going to slow me down and distract me from for filling my mission,you see when you start moving energy around you and start manifesting the stuff you want the devil don’t want you to live your life unless they have control over you..