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I really love this man called Jesus (UNIVERSE) he is everything to me when I am sleep he keeps me safe,When Im out in the world he protects me & everyone that is with me,He means so much to me that I would have given my life to him, he loves me pass all my pains & strifes,He just mean so much to me I could thank him every chance i get and i so do i cant thank him enough,he loves me more than anyone else can love me,He loves me just as I am since he created me in his image & likeness,i so love him for that,Now as i begin to get & stay sober on this 49 days of being clean I am so proud of my self i knew that i could do it,I just needed to be with him and him alone we made it and I will never go back to the ole man I used to be,this one is even better,I have more clear thoughts that are more positive and I am always speaking over my life with certainty and I am more stronger within my whole being,I am more ready for my next mission that he has for me,Now I will be able to help so many more cause i fell down & I got back up,this will be a TESTIMONY for others that have fallen short of his glory we can do better and become better,I am not perfect but he that sent me is I AM THAT, I AM. and he still loves me with my faults and all,now I am stronger for love I feel within my being that I will be married to my dude real soon,cause that’s the life that i planed for myself on my return back to this plane of existence.we all have a journey to take and a mission to fulfill are you doing your part or are you just in limbo,cause I got work to do ,and The Universe see’s the worst in us all and he takes that to get his point across,that we are all different with different desires and mines may not be like yours but at the end of the day I really dont care what you think about me,I have enough love for myself and others that want to share my space with me.I am so over done with caring about what others think about me,when i fact i dont even feel lonely anymore cause I am a Spiritual Being having a human experience,I came here to find my spiritual family and re-learn how to show love & receive love,he never said how he was going to love me ,But he showed me love so why in the hell cant we just love each other without any doubt or cares,who I choose to be my life partner is not an issue to me,cause at the end of the day,I got love & I gave love that’s why we are here to do,others try to make out to be something nasty.I cant help who I LOVE.i still love you all and I dont even see or speak with you in person,BUT GOD IS LOVE so am I ..so when will the universe stop judging other for who they are & who they love…thats what makes the world go round…love love love,whoa re you loving…..UNIVERSAL LOVE is undying,unconditional..