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I so do have the power to control my destiny,I can say who I want to be around I have the ability to see through the veil,and I am able to see who has a clean spirit & who doesn’t,I have the power to control who I choose to be around ,are you to whom I choose to be around,By me BEing me I choose to be around whom ever when I feel like it and not because you want me to be around you to drain my energy,you see there are so many vampires in sheep clothing running around causing such a muck and a hot mess every where they go,It just came to my spirit,If i dont want to be around you dont get mad cause I choose to be around other like minded folks like myself what you dont see is the fact that we dont have to speak with our words or mouths,when you have be gone to join a circle of like minds we tend to speak through our minds we tend to call that telepathy,and here lately thats all I have been doing .Once upon a time ago I was afraid who was hearing my thoughts and my self mind chatter and they would begin to start judging me for my self talk,but at this stage of the game I dont care who hears my self mind chatter,cause at the end of the day they will have a new fond interest in me as a whole person having a human experience.for all that I know is detrimental to your well being and how to become a better Human BEing living on this side of the veil….