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I am not who you think I am,I am not a male, I am not female, I am not a color, I am a Angel and we dont have a sex,we are just as we are.I am a Spiritual Being here to re-learn how to be the best version of me,When I leave this world behind one day,I will leave my body to the earth,from whence it came from,I will only take my spirit with me to soar just like the eagle that I am being guarded by.I am more than what you see or hear about,I am so much more to that,I have feelings just like the next person,I am being able to feel the pressures of this planet at any given time,just for me to know the difference from low vibrating peoples on this plane,I am here to Help-Heal & Coach everyone back to their true Essences,and it has been a long journey to get here but as I sit back and think about it,It could have been done a long time ago once everyone got out there own way,and just allow love to shine the path,Did you know that Jesus is love & light,and that we all strive to be just like him or even better,cause he said it in his words that we are to be greater than the one that sent us,that we would have powers that man cant control,but we gave up our power for the TV. and following what others are doing and not making ourselves more happy,I could care less what someone on TV is doing they got theirs,and they sure ain’t trying to help you get yours,they make more money off ya’ll that watch the tmz’s etc.without us what would they have not a dam thing the whole networks would have to shut the hell down,but are we ready for a society that can think for themselves,maybe on some other plane but this one ain’t ready for a change like this one,I can see into the future and I can only pray that this change comes about quickly b4 its to late cause time is winding down till it will be called linear time,its only an Illusion that we walk around this planet,most of us have awaken to this illusion and others are still in a daze.I am not here to save everyone on this planet, But to HELP-HEAL & COACH you all that are ready to be awaken to this mean ole world that only kills steal & destroys our souls every chance it gets,these words were given to me while i was in my meditative state of being,you see  the Women can change the world with their right side brain thinking  creativity and men can change the world with their analytical side of thinking on the left side brain but when will & how long will it take for them to get a clue,They know how to change your minds through Population Control, Ebola,Hiv/ Aids, Cancer they will always throw something to distract you & your thinking cause they feel like your getting to close to ask the RIGHT questions as to what the hell they are doing,I am a mere angelica being trying to do my part,while others have already given up without a fight,there is still time to take a stand for something and not keep falling for everything they spoon feed us all.Now to all the Black people it’s time for us to move pass the fact that they stole our history what can you do about it,you cant go back in time and change it,the only thing to do is HELP re-educate the ones that dont know who they are in the first place,I sure know for a fact that my people are the First on this planet we call them the Native American Indians I have CREE blood flowing through my veins,I am not who you think I am… I am more than my skin tone,I am more than my Melain, I am more than my brown & blue eyes,that will change colors at any give time,I know why I am here & what I came to do while I am here,my ancestors aren’t slaves and they didn’t come from a far away land,every part of my True Being has chosen to be here and to experience all that I am doing on this plane,we all made a choice to be here,now the question is are you doing what you came here to do or are you just wasting time & energy,doing the opposite of what it is ..We are the stars that shine bright in the Universe.. when are you going to start shining brighter on this plane.my right wing is begining to not hurt as much just because I am reawakening to my tru self.and my purpose why I am here,to experience more love & light is what I strive for every day of my BEing.I can only hope you are BEing your true self all the time,and not letting others dictate the life you should be living,we are Co-Creators of our lives,what have you co-created today??? I have co-created this story on my blog to bring more AWARENESS…..