OMG!! This came to me while getting ready to play in my element of Water,even me lord,I have come to the conclusion that when I try to move out my box,I get pulled to the side,what I should be doing is looking at it in all angles and not just one way,my way and not God’s way,When I noticed that things aren’t going the way they should is it me or the Universe telling and giving me clues as to the path that i should always be treading on along with the angels.what dont serve me or resonate with me is not apart of my journey and I must grow within ┬áin order to know better and then I will be able to let go,cause its not apart of me and it never was I just picked it up as baggage and started carrying dead weight,all this time and it has been slowing me down for way to long..This is my favorite song I love to listen to while in the shower..I hope it touches your soul like it does to me….