The reasons why I desire to become a Spiritual Life Coach, is that I already have a strong connections to the Spiritual Realms and it would behove me to take a stand and do my part into helping others achieve their greatest obstacles on this plane,I have the ability to listen and never pass judgement onto anyone,on how they choose to live their lives,I only want to be able to help guide them in another way of doing things that may help them on their journey(s) since I have the ability to walk a day in their lives,and see & feel what it’s like to be them.is have the battle on their raod to a better spirit being.I have the gift to be able to work with 10 ppl a month no more no less,since every interaction is an Energy Exchange I dont wish to be overloaded with to much energy,as It takes me a few days to recover,and turn that into pure positive energy, and to be able to help coach them & give them all Spiritual Guidance from there Higher Selves is an extra blessing in itself. To be me I have to be able to practice what I preach to my clients at all times,I have to be able to walk the walk,and talk the talk,so as I begin to become more sober ( 36 days), I will be able to help someone else going through the change for a healthy lifestyle. what we dont know is that dealing with Spirituality it goes deeper than on the surface,it is a lifestyle for a greater change,I have several niche’s that will be able to help an even broaden the range of clients along with Health & Wellness,how to maintain a healthy life by just know what you put into your bodies comes out in many different forms most not good,but once you know better you will eat better,and not just for the sake of eating,but for the healing aspect of it all.As well as a Entrepreneur Coach,as I begin to start my journey into opening up my Business,I know so much more than I did in the past,The What,Who & How’s in stating a Successful Business and managing it from a Spiritual aspect..All my coaching programs are very intensive from 6 months & 1 year.And I am living proof that my program works not just on me but to my clients that have been doing the work so far..They all give me good feedback,I have one that I Coach that lives in the south of france,and she is a very well know athlete on top of her game,with more room for growth.And I have been coaching / guidance to her for several months now..I have the ability to take myself out of the equations / ego at any given time.My desires are to have all my clients in a Great space…In order for me to become successful they have to do their part first….An yes I treat all my clients with the utmost respect,cause this isnt a job this is my Life’s calling to be a vessel in their healing process and I so love to be apart of their Journey….