Why cant I just be happy,I’ve chosen to be here on this plane,I’ve chosen to have the parents that I have my dad didn’t know how to show love(Me) , cause he never got love from his mom & dad,so why do I have to be who I am today, because what he chooses to have in his life. Why do I have to live my life to make others happy around me,Why must I live a lie within my life,that I have chosen to be here,As hypersensitive gay empath,I pre-chosen everything to happen in my life,God knew who I was going to be,so why in the hell do my so-call family wont allow me to live my LIFE,the way that i planed to do,I dont judge them on the decisions that they chosen for themselves,Why do they care about my life it’s not a lifestyle,I’ve chosen every aspect of this time & space adventure,God made us all so very different just for this reason if we were all a like where would we be able to be our best version of ourselves or our Uniqueness would never be seen at all.Thats why we must fight for our rights to be heard, Am I robbing anyone Nope, Am I stealing from others Nope, Am I having babies all over the planet Nope, Am I tearing up families homes Nope,Am I doing what I am not supposed to be doing Nope, Am I not a honest Being,Yes, Am I trying to lie to others Nope,so why cant I live my life,I do believe in Reincarnations I do believe in afterlife,I dont believe in death there is so much more after this life is over,that’s when the real fun begins,for us all just to know that the bodies that we all live in are mortal and that our souls (spirits) are the Immortal Beings that we are to remember who,How & Why we are really here,and are you doing your part to make the world a better place.so just leave me alone and let me LIVE and not do…I am so happy within my space,I am single by choice,I cant be around just anybody cause I can see others energy fields and fell there emotions all the TIME..it never cuts off…I wish i had more divine love form another Being just like me to have a better understanding of me,and wont ever JUDGE me cause of who I am,I could never be with a Non Empathic man,just cause he will never understand How hypersensitive I am towards all areas of my life.I need my man to be just like me and we can live happily ever after…I did try to have kids when I was much younger,But God Knew if that would happen I would kill anybody who try to hurt my child,for the mere fact this is a time for Population Control on the planet,babies are coming up missing and just because of who I am I have a clear consciousness towards this planet I know when to speak and when not to speak about certain topics cause you never know when Homeland security is watching your home or computer,But I am not that threat that they think I am (but my remote viewing is out of this world deep),I once worked at the Feds (Federal Reserve Museum & Bank),I sure didnt know they do there own background check every time you walk in the building.(really)..This is the life I chosen to be apart of….Dont hate me ,Just love me for the REAL me….Cause I love you just as you are all the timeI will never hold or pass judgement on your life cause thats not my role,He who sent me has ALL POWER..JESUS CHRIST…AMEN