Is it really a blessing to be so dam sensitive to everything around me,I cant go outside and be around other people cause I tend to see more than the average human being see’s,Is it really a blessing that I cant go to stores when its over full with all types of emotions flowing around, Is it a blessing that I can help so many people with there problems.Is it a blessing that I can have my own emotions all to myself,Is it a blessing that I cant tell whats my emotions or someone else’s .Is it a blessing that I get to feel so dam much. and try to help others reach higher levels of consciousness,Is it really a blessing that I have to advertise for clients to call me.Really is it a blessing that I have so much work to do every day to keep my cell phone working and all my bills paid,Is it really a blessing that I have a short list of friends,cause they dont understand why I do what I do or how I have to live in the skin that I am in.Is it really a blessing that the rest of the world dont even have a clue why & how I do what I do every day.Is it really a blessing that half the world is awake and the other half are still sleep,Is it really a blessing that I cant just be me all the time I have to keep shields up keep around myself in a bubble of 7 colors at all times even when I go around other people, Is it really a blessing that I have to live alife like this really.Is it a blessing that I dont have my life anymore.Is it really a blessing that i have most folks thinking that I have lost my entire mind cause what I can see and they cant see who is really a blessing cause I sure dont fell like it is really me anymore.At times I wished I was just like other clueless people and still in a daze.Is it really a blessing that I see shadows of non physical beings moving around this plane.Is it really a blessing when I never had anyone to help me deal with all the things that happen to me every day ,and I got family members looking at me like I took leave of my mind all together. How is this a blessing when I am unable to work cause I am around so many different energy fields at one time.Is it really a blessing or is it really a curse and I didn’t get the memo about it all. Is it really a blessing cause it sure feels like a curse,now I really see why other like minded feel now this is a hopeless space to be i feel alone and I have no support from my so-call family,I get more love from strangers.So when does the blessing come into play cause I sure dont feel like a blessing,but more like a curse,for the mere fact that I dont like to be into my feelings or emotions. But as most would say I’ve chosen this life I sure wish I would have done a better job in my past life cause this one sucks.And I see why so many folks took their lives but what they dont know hell they will have to come back and repeat it all over again,there goes me being spiritual being ,having a human experience again.when will this nightmare end cause I know more than I did before this nightmare began,I wish at times my so-call family could feel half of what I feel every day of my life,then they would have a different outlook towards me. it is really lonely on this side of the veil. and I really could use a break from this Blessing & Curse..Cause I dont feel anything any more thats real So when does my breakthrough start we are still waiting for that ship to sail.How is it really that the clueless get what they want but I am catching hell trying to give guidance to others that desperately need it and then they dont wont to pay for the SERVICE,they tend to think I just sit around and meditate on a higher plane to connect to their energy fields and give them guidance for FREE I dont know what planet they live on but on this one we pay for all service’s rendern all the time you sure cant life rent free on this planet you sure cant go to the gas station and get gas for free,so Why cant I pay my bills,I sure didn’t asked to do this cause I am so dam sensitive to their energy,but I cant get a break to save my life I feel like when I was doing hair back in the day,I had so much fun,but now the fun has changed for the worst on this spiritual level. An we have to be cautious when we speak cause things can change just like that (snap) but If i dont get some paying clients real soon I will no whats it’s like to be homeless,and we are supposed to be a blessing and not a curse.I sure didnt get that note.so I am to be homeless cause others dont want to pay for my services, But then God gave me this gift & ablities, where is my breakthrough at cause I am without a phone so how will they call? It just get so frustrating at times we all ways have to speak positive when that’s not what I feel,I dont always feel positive I feel like a human that gets sad most times,and then here comes a  life coach you got blockages really Not I am to dam sensitive for this planet..and all the mess that comes with it.But then the universe gives us what we need..I feel that is so wrong cause I feel like I should be the #5 RICHES MAN ON THIS PLANET, cause the life I would live there would not be a Homeless person on this planet, there wouldn’t be babies coming up missing I would take them all in, There wouldn’t be low income Cause I would help all the time.There would not be a need for homeless shelters at all.I would build house’s for everyone. There wouldn’t be a need for second hand stores, cause everyone would have brand new clothes ( and not have to wear other people clothes with their DNA still on it) I would change so much about what we all have to go through so quickly.. that s the world that I wish for everyday me just living out loud outside my mind….#I’M JUST SAYING