Well Well Well I got the message mixed up,Now that goes to show I am only a human doing and not a human Living,my life’s purpose,here I though the message that I got was telling me that I needed to be a Life Coach,but instead It was telling me I needed a Life Coach to help with the blockages that I have had to endure all my life as a Hypersensitive Being having a human experience.You see we got 2 sets of people the doer’s & the living one’s .Well come to find out I am a doer and I am not living the life that I was supposed to be living,by being able to help anyone at any given time as it comes so easy for me,when I had my massage (Reiki) business I did it under the best & highest Intention that I thought I could do it under and I made a heap of money until I was throwing (money) at people,cause I could make it rain every day,but when that business failed due to lack of (GPS) and not being able to be found on the map,cause my address was in 2 cities and then not being found altogether made it a tough task for me so I closed it down,even Though I am a Usui Reiki Master & Teacher,I never wanted to teach it where I was located at it was too small of a space,Well now when I look back at the times I had there they were the most fun.I taught so many different ones how to self heal thy selves and to this day I had peace of mind back then,I had so many repeat clients it just blew mind.But now as i got ads all over the place,it dont feel the same cause I am not the same person I was back then now that I have grown a lot and I have a new direction as to where I want to be in my life,and to be able to help so many more have a true understanding as to who they really are.This brings me to a place of being humble and not throwing my gifts & money around,Now that I know I need a Spiritual Coach my life will become that much sweeter.You see I thought I was supposed to be the coach,and I have been trying to get into 2 different classes with very Outstanding People who teaches how to become coaches, all this pass year i have fought tooth & nail to get into their classes,I give up & I give in,its really not where I am supposed to be in that time & space anymore(It dont resonate with my journey) .I have real passion within the higher Spiritual Realms, I have a better connections with the Ascending Masters, Archangel. Spirit Guides, Cherubs, Guardian Angels,Seraphim’s & My Ancestors,these days are  better than ever,and my life is just that more sweeter for it,my visions are more clear I can see in color.more meditation has gotten smarter,I dont have any extra mind chatter going on its like so quite in my mind,I always have positive things to say about others no more negative thoughts( I dont even push others like I used to do) they have left my mind, completely,due to the fact I have all clear thoughts happening to me all the time..I so love being a Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Spiritual Advisor & Spiritual Healer, all my life I have been trying to find my niche and it was there all along,when I became a Ordained Minister they gave me a Honorary Degree in Metaphysical due to the fact that I have such a large background in the medical field,I found out that I can look at others and see sickness & pains & stress’s in others (Body scan) without even telling me whats going on within their bodies,I tell them whats going on and How to get rid of it or what to eat to get better,Thats how I get to use my PhD. in Holistic Healing comes into play,with so many more folks that I can help & reach out to.My life is about me Living and not just Doing.anyone can live but how many are doing something about making the world a better place not just for me but for the entire WORLD!!!So I have been fighting it for so long that I needed to be a coach when in fact I need a Spiritual Coach to show me where I have gone awry- stray so I have some contenders in my mind’s eye,I am just waiting for a abundance of cash to flow within my existence to be a blessing to others and my New Future Spiritual Coach,Now that I know how this works I get to get help on the monthly that will be such a huge help for me & my clients..a sigh of relief has been lifted off my shoulders.I feel more Free each and every day I get to remover another layer of myself from my old self,so that my true self can SHINE more brighter for the world to see.I now know why my aura is white cause my soul is divinely pure,when other likeminded can see how bright my lite is they get blinded, (I said when I was much younger that my lite was so bright you need to wear shades to look at me) well my Fairy God Mother had a first hand look at my lite,when she jumped up on the curb that day.only other lite workers can see my lite,The non open minded cant see it..so to be able to stand out in a crowd just goes to show we are from darkness brought into the lite for everyone else to see…This little of mines I gonna let it shine,let it shine, let it shine. let it shine….Thank You all Beloved’s I now know why I am here to be of service to you all..Now how may I be of Service & Good Cheer for you today!!!