I am so much more happy in the space that I am within myself,I have said it in the past I would give away my spiritual adviser & spiritual healing but as for my Life Coaching,I would be a better fit to Motivate others to reach their true potential,but I have come to the fact,that I was not supposed to charge for my Empathic Knowing or feelings that I get,that was meant for me to have and used to help me get out of sticky place throughout my many lifetimes,since I have gotten much stronger & sober my readings aren’t what they used to be far & in between, they have come to a halt,as I began to do more meditating,its gotten so much more easy for me to do ,My breathing has gotten much stronger and to be able to count & quite my mind down has really blown my mind to another level,to be able to stop & meditate is a new high for me now,and I will continue to hear from the spiritual world but,That’s not resonating with me anymore,being so open to so many deities can become draining on all levels of the 7 energie bodies,As I begin to grow more within myself,I dont like what I see or the people that I allow to feel my energy,Doing the work all the time is not healthy maybe productive for others,but there is more to me than giving readings,But being a Motivator is so much fun to me ,You see we can have many passions on this plane it’s not etched in stone that we are supposed to do just one thing great,but do it all with style & class,I can reach a broader spectrum of folks with one big swope or stroke of the pen to get my point across,so now that I have gained more clarity within myself there isn’t anything I cant do once I put my whole heart into it,and just meditate and get all the answers that I need at that time & space.What I want & must Have is more love & peace for everybody,as these are the last & evil days on this planet how you change it or make it better is up to you,we all must do our part to make it sweeter..That’s all we can do..I love you all that are called by His name Jehovah Jireh…Be safe & Thankful for all that you have & to be the best version of yourself at all times…..:)