What is Clairscent (clear smelling) To smell a fragrance / odor of substance or food which is not in one’s surroundings.These odors are perceived without the aid of the physical nose and beyond the limitations of ordinary time & space..

Well as for me mines is off the chain and I am able to smell near and far,just like dogs have the ability to smell we have that same trait,but how theres works they can smell death and smell other beings,for instance I was walking down the street one day and a dog started barking at me for no reason whatsoever,I wasn’t trying to hurt the animal or anything of that nature,but just a few days prior I heard someone say that the foods we eat dogs can smell it on us through our pores well i had been eating a lot of meat that week,and it may affect him / her some kinda way.As you may or may not no we as Humans aren’t supposed to eat meat,we are suppose to eat off the land,and some animals eat off the land they are our real guides to show us how to survive,they have been here many decades and are doing just fine at it.when we eat meats we dont know how that animal suffered what types of problems they had from the stress of being slaughter and how they died.But just as soon as we begin to eat them we start to feel some kinda way we take on all of there problems and other dogs can smell us a mile away and to them we STINK we smell foul to them and thats the reason why they want to eat us cause they think we are the animal that they smell,as i was walking one day in my area a german shepard was barking at me like he wanted to rip me apart for no reason,and mind you I love all types of animals but this one,only smelled what I had ate and not that I was a Human being and I just wanted to eat me alive.so I did a study on myself I stop eating meat for 2 weeks and I detoxify my system and sure enough I went around other dogs and they didnt treat me like a peice of meat,They wanted to play with me & love on me.So I try to consume less meat as possible and eat more from the earth. And my life is forever more changed.Now back to the real story about Clairscent, I have the ability to close my nose at any given time when I smell something thats not right,most time it causes me to get a headache or sick,cause I am all over the place with my Clair’s it makes for a movie of the week,My clairscent is so heightened that it just blows mind,to be able to smell things that aren’t there,I told my family not to wear cologne or perfumes around me cause it takes me to a place I dont like to be at within my Clairscent I have no control over what I smell these days,But I had a talk with my higher self and he said that they wear colognes & perfumes to hid from themselves their true essences is being masked from who they are to be,So I dont wear anything that will not allow my true self to be smelt,I tend to wear all natural products like coconut oil under my arms,coconut oil for oil pulling toxins out of my mouth 2 a day,turmeric to brush my teeth to keep them white(non fluoride) ,coconut oil on all parts of my body from my scalp to my toes and my life is so much more clean & sweet to be around what you eat will not only come out of your Bum,but it will come out of your pores and thats what cause’s it to smell foul ( cause it sits in the body) ..And to know that most of the foods we eat are for our healing properties that we just forgotten about along they way on this planet.there are foods that are high in alkaline that we can eat & consume all the time ph. levels are so important to us all….So my scents of smell are of pure essences flowers,I never could understand why I was supposed to learn about flower essence Bach aromatherapy has a big meaning in our lives how is it that we can smell the scent of lavender and it takes you to another place just by smelling it,it can clear headaches quickly without even knowing it.thats deep within itself. Just take more time out to think about all the Natural resources that we have at our disposal and not using it….I love you all…. I will be blogging more about my Clair’s as the week unfolds!!!!!!