Namaste, I have been seeing the most strangest things here lately and for most it would have left them feeling some kinda way,Well for one I give a great service when I connect to the spiritual realms and they never lie to me I only work with Higher dimensional Beings Like Ascending Masters,Archangels, my spirit guides & my guardian angels,well they have been playing with me again,since I’ve become more sober,as an Empathic we tend to hold on to others pains & stresses for way to long cause we haven’t mastered how to get rid of them faster,so I was high off weed to numb the pains I had left over in my physical body that left me attached to being high off weed,.Well i dont have to smoke anymore to hide the pain & stress,then I used to drink but not like a fish so it was easy for me to stop drinking,it too took sum of the pains away,.But just as soon as I began to get clean it’s 22 days as of today 11-22-2014,I have so much more clarity & compassion for myself,and while on that journey I have grown to have a better understanding as too who I am and what I am capable of handling I can handle it all I just have to know who it belongs to ,cause most of the times it’s someones else stuff & baggage & karma that I carry and thats not my job,My job is to help them deal with it and learn from it all,and grow as well,since I am so clean inside & out I feel like a new man,each day it’s a test of my faith,I made it this far I wont turn back and do what I used to do smoke & drink away my problems,but the sad part about it there is no instructions on how to be a better Master Empathic HSP, these days it’s a trial & errors things that takes place,we all must re-learn who,how,& what to be able to become MASTER’S of ourselves,and I am so one my way to doing just that this is my Testimony,I know it will be able to help so many more If i can do it so can you,I have faith within my spirit and I have faith that we all can overcome all of our shortcomings as well,so as I sit here and pour out my spirit to you all.I feel so much lighter cause what we do in the dark,will come to the light and our higher selves will help us see the clear road ahead of us.I am so happy to be able to express my true nature,I to fall short of his glory,But he saw the best in me to pull me out of my mess.This world we live in can & will consume you if you let it,we just got to have faith & the strength of gods to get out of it’s way.And now I am giving more Guidance with my sound mind & body to so many more,I just wish & pray that they understand that this isn’t easy and I am worthy for my Abundance that’s for me,I dont work for peanuts,I too have bills that must get paid on time..Thank You all for reading my sincere words & thoughts This is the life of a Real Empathic HSP..