Namaste, Just when you thought it was safe to be me,and not be about my feelings I get a Divine Message in so many different ways,and it’s never the same..this is how I receive my Divine Guidance,most of the time it’s through the Media~Music~ Movies~Newspaper~A telephone Call~ Strange Encounters~ Dreams~ Chance Meetings with some one from the past~ Books~ Teachers~ Sudden insights about a person~ Situations or obstacles~ Clarity about your path~ your life~ your future~ Lightness of Being~ Feeling of being loved & protected~ Inspiration~ Energy~ Psychic flashes~ people I admire and look up to~ Desires~Tingling sensations~ How I feel will determine how I receive my guidance from the Universe (feel-~whole safe~ contented & completely at ease) and now to this day I really dont like to read to much just a few lines and I am able to tell the story as I am able to read inbetween the LINES all of the time.Words have energy are you putting out the right words,each story has many different parts to it are you using the ones that will help encourage others.For some time now I have not been able to watch certain shows cause I can feel negative energy flowing through the tv.so I tend to watch shows that will make me laugh for instance The Family Guy~American Dad~ and The Simpsons the more I have laughter in my space the more happier I am really.shows that are shown in a positive light I will partake of all the others nope not going to happen..I am very careful as to what I will allow in my spirit,I love the Paranormal shows just cause I feel peace when I watch them and they resonate with my Being….I hope this reaches everyone in good~great~uplifted SPIRITS..