As I begin to put my thoughts and feelings into words,I am so glad to be who I am,I was lead to go outside of my home in Duluth, GA around 1212 and what I saw just blew my mind to the point that i felt the cold beating my body up,but I looked up and saw a star or what I thought was a star but it was shinning so bright but as I looked at it some more this wasn’t any old star this one was very different in size & color I have never seen a star that looks red & white before,or have i last month while I was sun gazing I was lead to go outside and when i looked up I saw 4 what appeared to be balloons floating away from my home,and yes I dont live that far from Briscoe Airfield,but I do live far enough that I shouldn’t be seeing planes like that just hovering over one area and not moving so its not a plane what is it,my phone is broken but I am still able to take pictures of everything that I see,I am not new to star & moon gazing,but I have so much peace all around me like I had a connection to the star I saw tonight,I am a seer so I am able to see into the future on so many different levels of consciousness,When my Late Aunt Transition several years ago I could see her face in the moon plane as day.and yes it is full as well as I can see all the stars in the night sky,so I asked the moon to give me a feeling or guide me to knowing who it is that I am able to see in the moon,it is my late aunt Sandra H. Harris,Now i do have other family members that can see her face in the moon,but at this moment I am the only one who is allowing my abilities to grow stronger,I really dont like where I am right now I am so hearing all types of noises and yes I am home alone,I can feel other spirits watching me and trying to get my attention,I had 2 uncle’s that transitioned this month & last month I can feel there spirit near me.I asked for my clairaudience to come in clear i can hear a fly fart in the wind,Thats how open my hearing is today,and all my other senses, you see I used to self medicated myself that was the only way I knew how to reduce the stress & the things that I was seeing,any one else would have went to Georgia Regional Hospital for acting & seeing what I have seen so far. I am so open to all types of spirits,I am trying my best to stay away from the low vibrating ones who tends to beocme attachements to my spriit,you see smoking weed helped to a certain point but when I became more parnoid that just blew the hi for me on so many different ways,It got to the point I was going to sleep after smoking weed,or eating my troubles away.so now as I sit here and repeat 3 times .”Divine light of the highest order under the protection of ¬†Archangel Michael.cover me with your white light & blue flame & shield.You see when I was high I wasn’t able to understand what I saw,but as I am becoming more sober omg 10 days, I am seeing more than the average person can see.It doesn’t hurt that my eyes are Brown & Blue,and they tend to change colors when my mood is affected,my heart chakra has been going through some strange things these past few days.I wish I had a EMF recorder to hear what I am feeling would make more sense to me .It’s dark outside my window but I can see folks walking around outside and I am the second floor,I really feel like it’s time to get me another baby (mans best friend) they would hear what I am able to feel so easily,I know that there is several folks watching me,as I begin to call out there names,Uncle Bill & Uncle Booker T…Have you ever felt like you weren’t never alone,besides my little Princess guardian angel is always with me & I talk to her every chance that I get and I can see her spirit moving around my space.Now I see why I smoked weed,so much this is alot to bear at one time,anyone else would have lost it.my eyes are so seeing more these days I am seeing orbs near me and maybe UFO’S..As an Master Empathic Energy Healer & Empathic Energy Reader,no one ever said that my life would be easy,and if they did they weren’t walking on this dimension with me,Now it’s 118 am and I am getting sleepy but I still have a peace of understanding all around me,I know that I have so many family members & friends that are near me,but that dont help all that I am hearing right now.CYA on a higher level of consciousness….I love you all so much..have a wonderful Monday work week…..