I like to take this time to say thank you to my Higher self,for allowing me to grow into the multidimensional spirit that I am today,As i embark on my sobriety my life will never be the same again.I have more energy I am more focused,and on point I haven’t done a reading since last week,thats just my guides keeping me in check.But God I love the fact that my reading last week allowed me to understand that my guardian angel is a very Unique little girl I call her my Princess,and I love the fact that I’ve been seeing her all over my space,but now that I know who she is we have the most interesting conversations about my past & future.You know what I would say I was a strong & powerful woman in my past life ,to find out I was talking about my guardian angel Princess,I try to read my akashic records,but I love it that when I want to do it it’s not time yet to find out more of that info just yet.Everything we do has already been planed for our lives we just have to go through the process. I will dedicate this blog to my Spiritual Team we will learn who we are and be a blessing to others that are going through the same situations.we are all having a Spiritual Mission,now how you handle it depends on you.we are sent her to this learning planet for a divine reason.Now for me I am just going to start having more fun and stop worrying so much about things that I have no control over.I just wanna play since I got a new friend who just happen to be younger than me.When you ask for a certain type of love in to your heart.The universe will give you just that.I asked for a person who is like minded just like me who dont drink & smoke,and is strong in their co-creating,well they just made it into my heart space,I forgot how a new relationship makes one feel,but we both are learning more about each other,it’s so much fun..Happy Hump Day I love each & everyone that reads & follow my blog.be patient with me as I love change,It’s apart of my growth….