Namaste, Well here goes I have been re-learning how to increase my energy fields and its has been an awesome experience doing this one day I was on my way to church with my Fairy God Mother when she went to pick me up she saw a bight light all over my body which caused her to have a accident she ran up on the curd,it was just that aura fields expanding beyond my wildest dreams,and later on that day all the butterflies were coming up close an personal to my face as they could see my light was bright,that it was a shocking to me that the animals would get that close to my face.One day a butterfly landed on my shoulder it was a special moment for me then,but it gets even more weird when i saw a bird land on my fence this wasn’t any kind of bird it was animal totem a Bald Eagle,and it stayed by my home for a few days,when i need to see him/her i would just think about the time that i saw him/her since i dont know the sex yet,but its really not that important to me just to know that i got one and That I can see it.just  blew my mind.The life of Empathic Psychic Medium is never boring or dull.have a great moments.never take for granted who you are and what you are capable of seeing feeling & knowing..