how the law of attraction work’s for me it is weird,being a Empath isn’t easy at all we all learn how to master ourselves first before we are able to help others & then this is where I get a change of scenery from what I think about I get,wrong what I feel is what I get,so with that being said I attract what others can’t have,I was sleep one day and I saw my life like it was a movie staring Moi,but I never see anyone else in the movie so I went into a deep rest to the point where I was seen given a red sweater or hoodie.we’ll the next day I got a Red sweatshirt from my MOM,now the next dream I was driving a Porsche Cayman S turbo convertible hardtop,and it was a silver car my last sports car was silver,hmmm,now in my dream I was getting gas and I knew it would cost $100 to fill it up,SO now I am giving readings on instagram and I gave up 1 FREE question just to keep my abilities on point I haven’t been giving readings like I should,at times I feel like it drains my energy more quickly than doing Reiki,and yes I am grounded but at Times I don’t shield myself as I should just fur the mere fact I may have one of my own emotions show up and I don’t want to miss them cause I am in a white bubble blocking others emotions.Well I place an intention into the Uni-verse as my eye’s begin to open that I want to connect to everyone’s on  this planet energy fields and I do.but how the law of attraction work’s for me I dream about it and it comes to me the next day.NOW here lately I want everything that I see cause that’s someone else energy that’s connected  to mine’s so it makes it difficult for me to focus on what I need but here goes I thought that the Uni-verse knew my heart’s desires and grants me my wishes,we’ll as we all know it takes time for everything to happen,but why is it if I want to smoke a joint it appears just like that,but when I am sober my other Empath friend’s can smoke but I can’t,I told myself this spirit comes to me when there is a message and a clean & pure vessel,to be given a message and 9 out of 10 I am sober I go in on any reading, but here lately I will choose my words & put out more positive energy at all times.I choose not to worry & work for someone else.when I have enough abilities to co-create the life I need.We must not be in the 3Dimension anymore cause that was a dimension of greed and times I feel like going within and never coming back..I know choose your words wisely.the life that I want to live is in my head.It’s love peace joy happiness & unconditional feelings for everyone & NO need for money,in my world there is always HOPE..this is how the law of attraction work’s for me!!!